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-Hair analysis for methamphetamine, ketamine, morphine and codeine by cation-selective exhaustive injection and sweeping micellar electrokinetic chromatographyLin, Y.H.; 李茂榮; Lee, M.R.; Lee, R.J.; Ko, W.K.; Wu, S.M.-
-(Heterocycles,38:1475-1478)Diepoxymontin,A Novel Acetogenin From Annon MoontantY. C. Wu; F. R. Chang; K. S. Chen; S. C. Liang; M. R. Lee-
-High throughput screening various abused drugs and metabolites in urine by liquid chromatography-heated electrospray ionization/tandem mass spectrometryChen, C.Y.; 李茂榮; Shen, C.C.; Yang, T.J.; Chang, Y.Z.; Lee, M.R.-
-Hot-pressurized fluid extraction of flavonoids and phenolic acids from Brazilian propolis and their cytotoxic assay in vitroChen, C.R.; 張傑明; Lee, Y.N.; Chang, C.M.J.; Lee, M.R.; Wei, I.C.; 李茂榮-
-Identification and comparison of phenolic compounds in the preparation of oolong tea manufactured by semifermentation and drying processesDou, J.P.; 曾志正; Lee, V.S.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.; Lee, M.R.; 李茂榮-
-Identification of Degradation Products of Herbicides in Soybean Oil after Frying Process by Using LLE-LC-MS/MS and HS-SPME-GC-MSJia -Hao Wu; 吳家豪
-Identification of gasoline soot in suspect arson cases by using headspace solid phase microextraction-GC/MSWu, C.H.; 李茂榮; Chen, C.L.; Huang, C.T.; Lee, M.R.; Huang, C.M.-
-Identification of new minor metabolites of penicillin G in human serum by multiple-stage tandem mass spectrometryHo, H.P.; 李茂榮; Lee, R.J.; Chen, C.Y.; Wang, S.R.; Li, Z.G.; Lee, M.R.-
-In-Situ Microwave-Assisted Synthesized Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Monolith Column for The Extraction of Thiabendazole in Milk On-line to HPLC Analysis黃凱婷; Huang, Kai-Ting-
-(International Journal of Coal Geology,71(1):103-114)Application of C7 hydrocarbons technique to oil and condensate from type III organic matter in Northwestern TaiwanC. T. Chang; M. R. Lee; L. H. Lin; C. L. Kuo-
-(J. Agri. Food Chem.,56(17):7950-7956)Massive Accumulation of Gallic Acid and Unique Occurrence of Myricetin, Quercetin, and Kaempferol in Preparing Old Oolong TeaViola S.Y. Lee; Jianpeng Dou; Ronald R.Y. Chen; R. S. Lin; M. R. Lee; Jason T.C. Tzen-
-(J. Agric. Food. Chem.,55(18):7462-7468)Identification and Comparison of Phenolic Compounds in the Preparation of Oolong Tea Manufactured by Semifermentation and Drying ProcessesJianpeng Dou; Viola S.Y. Lee; Jason T.C. Tzen; M. R. Lee-
-(J. Agric. Food. Chem.,57(12):5257-5264)Pu-erh Tea Attenuates Hyperlipogenesis and Induces Hepatoma Cells Growth Arrest through Activating AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) in Human HepG2 CellsT. D. Way; H. Y. Lin; D. H. Kuo; S. J. Tsai; J. C. Shieh; J. C. Wu; M. R. Lee; J. K. Lin-
-(J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom.,08(1):062-067)Study of Adduct Ions of meso-Phenyl-Substituted Tetrabenzoporphyrins by Fast-Atom Bombardment Mass SpectrometryM. R. Lee; S. T. Liou; R. J. Cheng-
-(J. Anal. Toxicol.,21(4):278-282)Solid-Phase Extraction in Amphetamine and Methamphetamine Analysis of UrineM. R. Lee; S. C. Yu; C. L. Lin; Y. C. Yeh; Y. L. Chen; S. H. Hu
-(J. Anal. Toxicol.,23(1):041-045)Determination of Pyrolysis Products of Smoked Methamphetamine Mixed with Tobacco by Tandem Mass SpectrometryM. R. Lee; Jsuey Jeng; W. S. Hsiang; B. H. Hwan
-(J. Chin. Chem. Soc.,43(2):165-170)Determination of Ethion Residues in Soil by Extraction and by Mass Spectrometry Using Different ProceduresM. R. Lee; 李茂榮; J. C. Tso; Y. C. Yeh; 左如茜; 葉曜嘉
-(J. Chin. Chem. Soc.,54(2):351-355)Simultaneous measurement of urinary ketamine, norketamine, and dehydronorketamine by liquid chromatography-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometryG. J. Wu; 吳鋼治; Han Chan; M. R. Lee; C. Y. Chen; D. Y. Yang; F. C. Cheng; 張珩; 李茂榮; 陳崇宇; 楊大羽; 陳甫洲
-(J. Chromatogr. A, 1216(18):4083-4089)Orthogonal array optimization of microwave-assisted derivatization for determination of trace amphetamine and methamphetamine using negative chemical ionization gas chromatography-mass spectrometryL. W. Chung; K. L. Lin; Thomas C. C. Yang; M. R. Lee-
-(J. Chromatogr. A,1064(1):001-008)Determination of Organotin Compounds in Water by Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction with Gas Chromatography-Mass SpectrometryC. C. Chou; M. R. Lee-