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-Balance of emulated MDOF human postural systemsLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Hsiao, S.L.; Chen, C.K.-
-Biometric Personnel Identification and Applications Based on Chaotic ECG Signals林俊良-
-Block-Layout Design Using MAX-MIN Ant System for Saving Energy on Mass Rapid Transit SystemsKe, B.R.; 林俊良; Chen, M.C.; Lin, C.L.-
-Design of a fuzzified terminal guidance lawLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Kao, T.C.; Wu, M.T.-
-Development of an integrated fuzzy-logic-based missile guidance law against high speed targetLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Hung, H.Z.; Chen, Y.Y.; Chen, B.S.-
-Development of Bicycle GPS Navigator with Integrated Bicyclist's Fitness Monitoring Function林俊良; 周天穎-
-Development of Immediate Medical Care Platform Based on Acquisition of Ecg Signals林俊良-
-Development of Immediate Medical Care Platform Based on Acquisition of Ecg Signals林俊良-
-Development of three-dimensional aiming point guidance lawLin, Y.P.; 林俊良; Tsao, L.P.; Lin, C.L.-
-Dither-based compensating strategy for radome boresight error and gimbal frictionLin, Y.C.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Shi, W.C.; Huang, S.W.-
-A dynamically fuzzy gain - scheduled design for missile autopilotLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Hwang, C.L.-
-The electro-mechanical transfer function of an ultrasonic wheel systemJuang, P.A.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; 莊禮鴻-
-An evolutionary approach to active suspension design of rail vehiclesLin, Y.C.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Shieh, N.C.-
-Evolutionary neural networks and DNA computing algorithms for dual-axis motion controlHuang, C.H.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.-
-Failure detection and adaptive compensation for fault tolerable flight control systemsLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Liu, C.T.-
-FERA in parameter identification with application in low speed wind tunnel testHuang, C.H.; 林俊良; Lin, C.L.; Chao, M.J.-
-A fuzzy guidance law for vertical launch interceptorsLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Lin, Y.P.; Wang, T.L.-
-Fuzzy side force control for missile against hypersonic targetLin, C.L.; 林俊良; Wang, T.L.-
-Gordonia sp. CC-NAPH129-6萘分解基因型之探討林俊良; Lin, Chun-Liang-
-Gordonia terrae CC-NAPH129-6菌株對萘分解特性研究及定量偵測方法之建立林俊良; Lin, Chun-Liang-