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-FLO-2D 與HEC-GeoRAS 應用於敏督利颱風造成南湖溪淹水之模擬湯嘉芸; Chia-Yun Tang; 謝平城; 林俐玲; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; Li-Ling Lin
-Interaction of Gravel Content between Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Macropore in Sand王琮元; Tsung-Yuan Wang
-The Investigation and Evaluation of Aquatic Ecological Environment in Huludum Main CanalHung, Chen-Tsung; 洪辰宗-
-The investigation of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Model(AGNPS) for Predicting Sediment Yield in Slopeland Development.何宜娟; Jiuan, Ho Yi-
-Investigation of Application with Biochar on the Red Soil PropertiesLi-Ling Lin; Ching-Nan Hsu; Chun-Hsien Ho; 林俐玲; 許靖男; 何俊賢
-Investigation of Delineating Debris Flow Disaster Area on River Area with Aerial Photogrammetry --Using between Mar-An Dam and Tien-Loon Dam of Da-Chia River As an ExampleHsien, Ling-Chuan; 謝伶娟-
-Investigation of Disaster Prevention Mechanism and Ability in TaiwanChu, Kun-Han; 褚坤翰-
-Investigation of Reduction Rate in Rural Rejuvenation Projects and Construction Quality Relationship張哲嘉; 林俐玲; 林秉賢; Che-Chia Chang; Li-Ling Lin; Bing-Shyan Lin
-Investigation of Rural Rejuvenation Projects Construction Defect Reasons and Their Preventive Measures張哲嘉; Che-Chia Chang
-The Investigation of Sediment Delivery Ratios for Watershed in Taiwan馮美禎; Feng, Mei-Chen-
-Investigation of the public facilities construction regulation in rural regeneration盧增明; 林俐玲; Tsfng-Ming Lu; Li-Ling Lin
-Investigation the Benefits of Rural Rejuvenation Project Execution Case Study of Sanwan Tongjing Community and Sanyi Liyu in Community Miaoli County盧增明; Tsfng-Ming Lu
-Investigations of Typhoon Rainfall Spatial Distribution Variations in Nan Shih Creek Watershed of Northern Taiwan王仲豪; Wang, Jong-Hao-
-The measurement of Soil Water Characteristic Curves on Tea Plantation under Different Soil and Water Conservation Practices.Tu, Shan-Tai; 涂展台-
-Numerical Simulation of The Mechanism of Rainfall-Infiltration-Seepage and Stability Analyses of Collapsed Land鄭順隆; Chein, Shun-Long-
-The Sensitivity Analysis of SWAT Mode Parameter ─ Laishe Creek WatershedHui-Wen Wu; Ming-Kuang Chung; Li-Ling Lin; 吳蕙雯; 鍾閔光; 林俐玲
-Strategy study on conservation drainage planning at upstream hillside of Shih-San-Liao Drainage Systemin Taichung City陳保安; Pao-An Chen
-A Study for Determining the Parameter θr of van Genuchten Model under High Pressure ConditionMin-Chen Tsai; Xiang-Yun Lin; Yi-Zhih Tsai; Li-Ling Lin; 蔡旻辰; 林湘芸; 蔡義誌; 林俐玲
-A study of calculating average gradient for slopeland cadastral units with DEM宋文彬; Sung, Wen-Ping-
-The Study of Education Planning Achievement in Rural Manpower: Case Study of Education Planning in Taiwan Center RegionChen, Tsun-Kai; 陳存凱-