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-A highly efficient catalyst for the &quot;living&quot; and &quot;immortal&quot; polymerization of epsilon-caprolactone and L-lactideLiu, Y.C.; 林助傑; Ko, B.T.; Lin, C.C.-
-Humidity sensor based on PMMA simultaneously doped with two different saltsSu, P.G.; 林助傑; Sun, Y.L.; Lin, C.C.-
-In situ prepared polypyrrole for low humidity QCM sensor and related theoretical calculationSun, Y.L.; 林助傑; Wu, R.J.; Huang, Y.C.; Su, P.G.; Chavali, M.; Chen, Y.Z.; Lin, C.C.-
-Intramolecular C-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bond controlling the conformation of heterocycles: synthesis, structure and catalytic reactivity of aluminum aryloxidesLin, C.H.; 林助傑; Yan, L.F.; Wang, F.C.; Sun, Y.L.; Lin, C.C.-
-Isolation and purification of 3,5-diprenyl-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (artepillin C) in Brazilian propolis by supercritical fluid extractionsLee, Y.N.; 林助傑; Chen, C.R.; Yang, H.L.; Lin, C.C.; Chang, C.M.J.; 張傑明-
-A low humidity sensor made of quartz crystal microbalance coated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes/Nafion composite material filmsSu, P.G.; 林助傑; Sun, Y.L.; Lin, C.C.-
-[(MCIMP)2Mg2(THF)]2和 [(MCIMP)Mg(THF)2(OR)]2Mg ? ? (R=nBu或 Bn)的合成及其對己內酯與乳酸交酯的? 開環聚合反應王怡舜-
-Mesoporous carbons from poly(acrylonitrile)-b-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) block copolymersHo, R.M.; 林助傑; Wang, T.C.; Lin, C.C.; Yu, T.L.-
-Metal complexes of N-tosylamidoporphyrin: cis-acetato-N-tosylimido-meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatothallium(III) and trans-acetato-N-tosylimido-meso-tetraphenylporphyrinatogallium (III)Tung, J.Y.; 林助傑; Jang, J.I.; Lin, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Hwang, L.P.-
-[(MMPEP)Al(μ-OR)]2 (R = iPr or Bn) 的合成及其對己內酯和交酯的開環聚合反應及對醛酮還原反應的催化劉易昌; Liu, Yi-Chang-
-NNO-Schiff Base 之二價銅錯合物的合成與鑑定並探討其DNA光裂解的活性及細胞光毒性賴盈如; Lai, Ying-Ju-
-NNO-Schiff Base之四價釩錯合物的合成與鑑定並探討其DNA光裂解的活性及細胞光毒性葉釗瑄; Yeh, Chao-Hsuan-
-NNO-三牙硐亞胺之二價銅錯合物的合成與鑑定及其在光動力療法之應用梁正軒; Liang, Cheng-Hsuan-
-NNO三牙配位基之鋁、鎂與鋅錯合物之製備及其在左旋乳酸交酯與環己內酯開環聚合之應用黃佩玲; Huang, Pei-Lin-
-NNO三芽Schiff Base之二價銅錯合物在DNA光裂解和光細胞毒性的研究邱進益; Chiu, Chin-I-
-Novel low humidity sensor made of TiO2 nanowires/poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonate) composite material film combined with quartz crystal microbalanceSu, P.G.; 林助傑; Sun, Y.L.; Lin, C.C.-
-Oriented microstructures of polystyrene-b-poly(L-lactide) thin films induced by crystallizable solventsTseng, W.H.; 林助傑; Hsieh, P.Y.; Ho, R.M.; Huang, B.H.; Lin, C.C.; Lotz, B.-
-Palladium catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling reactions using N,O-bidentate ligandsLai, Y.C.; 林助傑; Chen, H.Y.; Hung, W.C.; Lin, C.C.; Hong, F.E.; 洪豐裕-
-POIY(L-lactide) stabilized gold nanoparticles based QCM sensor for low humidity detectionSun, Y.L.; 林助傑; Chen, Y.Z.; Wu, R.J.; Chavali, M.; Huang, Y.C.; Su, P.G.; Lin, C.C.-