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-Relationship of Burn Severity and Vegetation Recovery Rate in a WatershedHang-Hsun Chan; Chuphan Chompuchan; Chao-Yuan Lin; 詹杭勳; 蘇潘; 林昭遠
-Screening of Vegetation Materials for Slope Land Restoration in Mudstone Area-Salt-tolerance Mechanism of Suaeda Nudiflora林彥伯; Lin, Yen-Po-
-A Simplified Watershed Management System for Soil and Water ConservationWen-Si Lin; 林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林文賜
-Soil erosion prediction and sediment yield estimation: the Taiwan experienceLin, C.Y.; 林昭遠; Lin, W.T.; Chou, W.C.-
-Solubility of heavy metals added to MSWLo, H.M.; 盧重興; Lin, K.C.; Liu, M.H.; Pai, T.Z.; Lin, C.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Fang, G.C.; Lu, C.; Chiang, C.F.; Wang, S.C.; Chen, J.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Wu, K.C.; 林昭遠-
-Spatial variations of the aerosols in river-dust episodes in central TaiwanKuo, C.Y.; 林昭遠; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, L.M.; Wang, S.Z.; Shieh, P.F.; Lin, Y.R.; Wang, J.Y.-
-Strategy Analysis of Environmental Creation for the Slopeland Rural Villages簡榮杰; Chien, Jung-Chieh-
-A Study of Applying Remote Sensing Techniques on Landslide ChangesLiu, Jia-Hung; 劉家宏-
-A Study of Beigang River Water Quality Using QUAL2K ModelChen, Chen-Hua; 陳貞樺-
-A study of calculating average gradient for slopeland cadastral units with DEM宋文彬; Sung, Wen-Ping-
-A Study of Characteristics for Wildfire Potential Sites Using Drought Indices謝巧柔; Chiao-Jou Hsieh
-A Study of Conservation Plants on the Restoration of Copper - contaminated Soils張為傑; Chang, Wei-ching-
-A study of feasibility for using AnnAGNPS model to simulate runoff and sediment yield in a watershedHsu, Huan-Shuo; 許桓碩-
-A study of geomorphic evolution and characteristics of landslides in watershedsLin, Chia-Rung; 林家榮-
-Study of irrigation water pollution survey analysis and treatment strategy of Taichung Irrigation Association in Dali irrigation districtYen, Yi-Shin; 顏貽信-
-A Study of Irrigation Water Turbidity Reduction by combining Submerged Filter net with microbe processing method -Ho-Li Canal of Ta-An River Basin as an exampleChen, Ming-Jin; 陳明進-
-A study of landslide risk analysis for Laonong Creek Watershed using environmental index陳正德; Cheng-Te Chen
-Study of landslides caused by the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, Taiwan, with multitemporal SPOT imagesLin, W.T.; 林昭遠; Chou, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, P.H.; Tsai, J.S.-
-A Study of Optimal Route Planning for Mountainous Roads Using Environmental Index蕭宇展; Yu-Chan Hsiao
-A study of relationship between the rainfall return period and the landslide site in a watershedCheng-Yu Lin; Yuan-Jung Chen; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林政侑; 陳垣榮; 林昭遠