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-A Study of Vegetation Coverage and Water Storage Capacity at Taichung Metropolitan Park Before and After developmentChe-Pin Chung; 林家榮; Chia-Rung Lin; Chao-Yuan Lin; 鐘澤平; 林昭遠
-A Study on Revegetation Effect and Plant Succession Series in Landslide AreasFeng, Chiao-Shu; 馮喬舒-
-A Study on Risk Analysis of Slope TreatmentsYeh, Liu-Chin; 葉柳青-
-A study on the benefit of ecological engineering for the environmental sensitive areas at the slopeland rural community張范鈞; Chun, Chang-Fan-
-A Study on the Delineation of Watershed Landslide PotentialHuang, Kai-Jyun; 黃凱君-
-A Study on the Establishment of Rainfall-Runoff Model in KeeLung River BasinLiao, Yi-Ling; 廖依玲-
-Study on the Function Difference Analysis for the On-Site and Off-Site Detention Ponds凃世本; Tu, Shih-Ben-
-A Study on the Location-Allocation of Lower Density Community in Rural AreaWu, Rong-Ju; 吳榮珠-
-Study on the poor reclamations of bare soils in western TaiwanS. H. Lin; 林信輝; C. Y. Lin; C. P. Yen; 林昭遠; 顏正平
-Study on the Variation of Vegetation and Soil Conservation Function at Min-Hu Reservoir Riparian ZonePeng, Hsin-Yen; 彭心燕-
-Study on The Weed Management and Selection of Slope Orchard - Case of Slopeland Orchard on Shihkang Town, Taichung CountyLiu, Su-Shin; 劉素幸-
-Suitability of Teaching Materials Related to Soil and Water Resources in the Textbooks of Current Grade 3-9 Curriculum Using Content Analysis孫錦進; Chin-Chin Sun
-The Suitable Threshold for Stream Delineation in a Watershed林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 蔡真珍; 林文賜; Chen-Chen Tsai; Wen-Tzu Lin-
-Using AGNPS model to evaluate the effects of wildfire on the phosphate movement in a forest watershedChao-Yuan Lin; 陳明義; Ming-Yih Chen; 林昭遠-
-Vegetation Index and texture factors of SPOT satellite image for classification the landcover pattern at the estuary areas of Jhuoshei RiverLi, Cheng-Jyun; 李承寯-
-Vegetation recovery and landscape change assessment at Chiufenershan landslide area caused by Chichi earthquake in central TaiwanLin, C.Y.; 林昭遠; Chuang, C.W.; Lin, W.T.; Chou, W.C.-
-Vegetation recovery assessment at the Jou-Jou Mountain landslide area caused by the 921 Earthquake in Central TaiwanLin, C.Y.; 林昭遠; Lo, H.M.; Chou, W.C.; Lin, W.T.-
-Vegetation recovery monitoring and assessment at landslides caused by earthquake in Central TaiwanLin, W.T.; 林昭遠; Chou, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, P.H.; Tsai, J.S.-
-Vegetation recovery patterns assessment at landslides caused by catastrophic earthquake: A case study in central TaiwanChou, W.C.; 林昭遠; Lin, W.T.; Lin, C.Y.-
-Verification of Slopeland Utilizable Limitation Using Environmental Indices張庭瑜; Ting-Yu Chang