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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Administrative Regulation of Human-Animal/Animal-Human ChimerasSu, Hsien-Teng; 蘇顯騰-
-An Analysis of Antitrust Scrutiny on Reverse-Payment Consent - Focus on ACTAVIS Case蕭宏展; Hung-Chan Hsiao
-The Case of Beef Importation from the U.S. -An International Law Perspective顧珮仙; Jenny, P.Ku-
-The Defense Strategy of Defendant in Patent Infringement Litigation from File History -The Adiabatic Sheet PatentYang, Chung-Ming; 楊崇銘-
-The Legitimacy of Retroactive Regulations: Focus on the Effect of Charging Standard For Environment Maintenance Fee under Sand and Gravel Excavation Act林昱梅; Lin, Yuh-May-
-The Principle of"ne bis in idem" on the Application of Tax Law張維真; Chang, Wei-Jen-
-Probe into the application and the control framework of human tissues in Taiwan林月棗; Lin, Yueh-Tsao-
-The related analysis of intellectual capital and intellectual property rights in the law and economy-using mixed research methods for example賴毓晃; Lai, Yu-Huang-
-The Relationship between Supply Chain Strategies and Firm Performance within Environmental Dynamism and Different Product Characteristics魏書立; Wei, Shu-Li-
-A Research of Software Combination under Free Software License- Focusing on GNU General Public License Version 3Peng, Yen-Chih; 彭彥植-
-A Research on Copyright Dispute of Google - Focus on Google Search and Google BooksChang, Ling-Shao; 張玲韶-
-Research on Judgements Related to Distinctiveness of Trademark in Taiwan林永明; Yung-Ming Lin
-A Review of Article Seventy Six of Patent Law of Taiwan陳憶華; Chen, I-Hua-
-A Study on Administrative Contracts Legal System as the Method of Promoting Private Participation in infrastructure Projects詹志宏; Chan, Chih-Hung-
-Study on Patent Eligibility of Gene Invention in U.S. Patent Act汪天祥; Tien-Hsiang Wang
-A study on the knowledge sharing behavior on blogs and forums張展嘉; Chang, Chan-Chia-
-再生商品與專利侵害關聯性之研究─以噴墨印表機墨水夾專利案爭訟為中心Chia, Shuo-Chi; 賈碩頎-
-(卒業報文第一期)日治時期臺灣農業史料數位典藏計畫詹麗萍; 張慧銖; 黃德成 ; 林昱梅; 朱惠足
-(卒業報文第二期)日治時期臺灣農業史料數位典藏計畫詹麗萍; 黃德成 ; 林昱梅; 張慧銖; 朱惠足; 蔣憲國-
-合理使用原則之探討—以我國實務判決為主軸黃炫中; Huang, Shuan-Jung-