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-Development+and+Performance+Test+of+Misting+Cooling+System+for+Greenhouse陳加忠; 林瑞松
-Effect of Bare Root and Dark Simulated Transport on Physiology and Morphology of Colmanara Wildcat羅文冠; Wen-Kuan Lo; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of Different Growing Medium on Growth of PhalaenopsisRuey-Song Lin; 林立航; Li-Hang Lin; 林瑞松
-Effect of GA3 and BA on Flowering of Paphipedilum Hybrids蕭元川; 林瑞松; Yuan-Chuan Hsiao; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of Growing Medium on the Growth and the Development of Oncidium Aloha IwanagaShin-Han Yen; Ruey-Song Lin; 嚴仕函; 林瑞松
-The Effect of Light Source on Flower Bud of Paphiopedilum Growth in Vitro黃琳方; 林瑞松; Ling-Fang Huang; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of Malate, Citrate Supplement in Medium on Photosynthesis and Plantlet Quality of Phalaenopsis in vitro陳秉訓; 林瑞松-
-Effect of Night break treatment on flowering and flower quality on Oncidium林瑞松-
-Effect of Storage Temperature and Duration on the Quality of Poinsettia彭正光; Zheng-Kuang Peng; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of Temperature on CO2 Uptake Capacity in Oncidium 'Gower Ramsey' a and Zantedeschia hybrida Hort. Plantlets吳順宗; Shuen-Tzong Wu; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of the Cultural Medium and Chemical Treatment on Phalaenopsis Bare Root Physiological Response after Transportation林瑞松-
-Effect of Transplant Timing on Plantlet Quality ex vitro of Doritaenopsis徐淑芬; Shu-Fen Hsu; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effect of Wet Storage Temperature on the Physiological Change of Cut Rose謝美蓮; Mei-Lian Shieh; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effects of Calcium Fertilizer Sources and Calcium Concentrations on Mineral Nutrients in the Pseudobulb of Oncidium 'Gower Ramsey'曾靜君; Ching-Chun Tseng; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effects of Different Storage Temperature on the Chilling Injury of Cut Flower and Quality of Anthurium陳子文; Tzu-Wen Chen; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Effects of Water Stress and Cold Storage on the Physiological Metabolism of Cut Roses郭玫秀; Mei-Hsiu Kuo; 林瑞松; Ruy-Song Lin
-GA3、BA與溫度對芭菲爾鞋蘭開花誘導的影響蕭元川; Hsiao, Yuan-Chuan-
-IBA對朵麗蝶蘭瓶苗生長的影響楊于萱; Yu-Hsuan Yang; 林瑞松; Ruey-Song Lin
-Massive accumulation of gallic acid and unique occurrence of myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol in preparing old oolong teaLee, V.S.Y.; 曾志正; Dou, J.P.; Chen, R.J.Y.; Lin, R.S.; Lee, M.R.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 李茂榮; 林瑞松-
-Nondestructive estimation of dry weight and leaf area of Phalaenopsis leavesChen, C.; 林瑞松; Lin, R.S.-