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-Analysis of Accuracy for UAV-derived Topography from a GoPro CameraChieh-Cheng Pai; Yi-Cheng Liu; Yu-Shen Hsiao; Hui-Pang Lien; Ping-Hsien Lin; 白絜成; 劉益誠; 蕭宇伸; 連惠邦; 林秉賢
-Investigation of Reduction Rate in Rural Rejuvenation Projects and Construction Quality Relationship張哲嘉; 林俐玲; 林秉賢; Che-Chia Chang; Li-Ling Lin; Bing-Shyan Lin
-Relationship between Slope Failure Potential and Debris Flow Occurrence Potential:Case Study of Chai-Yi Feng-Shan Watershed連惠邦; Hui-Pain Lien; 林秉賢; 莊政霖; 黃俊霖; Bing-Shyan Lin; Cheng-Lin Chuang; Chun-Lin Huang
-九份二山堰塞湖溢流水道底床沖淤之模型試驗林秉賢; Bing-Shyan Lin; 連惠邦; 張君宇; Hui-Pang Lien; Chun-Yu Chang-
-運用橫向堆石群改善溪流生態棲地之試驗研究連惠邦; Chao-Hsien Yeh; 葉昭憲; 林秉賢; Hui-Pang Lien; Bing-Shyan Lin-