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-8週體重控制計劃對肥胖者血脂肪及脂締素和腫瘤壞死因子的影響Lang, Hui-Fen; 郎惠芬-
-Amaranthus spinosus L. inhibits spontaneous and dexamethasone-induced apoptosis in murine primary splenocytesLin, J.Y.; 林金源; Li, C.Y.; Lin, B.F.-
-Amaranthus spinosus water extract directly stimulates proliferation of B lymphocytes in vitroLin, B.F.; 林金源; Chiang, B.L.; Lin, J.Y.-
-Antiallergic effect of milk fermented with lactic acid bacteria in a murine animal modelPeng, S.; 林美吟; Lin, J.Y.; Lin, M.Y.; 林金源-
-Antioxidant and hypolipidaemic effects of a novel yam-boxthorn noodle in an in vivo murine modelLin, J.Y.; 林金源; Lu, S.; Liou, Y.L.; Liou, H.L.-
-The Antioxidant Capacity of Different Cultivars and Maturities of Mulberry and the Antimetastatic Potential of 1-Deoxynojirimycin on B16F10 cells via Its Direct Inhibitory Effect and Immune-Enhancing EffectWang, Ran-Juh; 王仁助-
-Berberine down-regulates the Th1/Th2 cytokine gene expression ratio in mouse primary splenocytes in the absence or presence of lipopolysaccharide in a preventive mannerLin, W.C.; 林金源; Lin, J.Y.-
-Black garlic aging process and its immunomodulatory functionsTing-Yi Lee; 李亭嬑
-Characterisation of the pigment components in red cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var.) juice and their anti-inflammatory effects on LPS-stimulated murine splenocytesLin, J.Y.; 林金源; Li, C.Y.; Hwang, I.F.-
-Chemopreventive effects of apo-8'-lycopenal, an enzymatic metabolite of lycopene: activation of Nrf2-ARE transcriptional system, anti-metastasis and anti-angiogenesisYang, Chih-Min; 楊智閔-
-Development of Bacillus licheniformis expression system for production of fungal immunomodulatory protein LZ-8Luo, Qiu-Mei; 羅秋梅-
-Dietary perilla oil inhibits proinflammatory cytokine production in the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of ovalbumin-challenged miceChang, H.H.; 林金源; Chen, C.S.; Lin, J.Y.-
-Dietary perilla oil lowers serum lipids and ovalbumin-specific IgG1, but increases total IgE levels in ovalbumin-challenged miceChang, H.H.; 林金源; Chen, C.S.; Lin, J.Y.-
-Dose effects of the food spice cardamom on aspects of hamster gut physiologyHuang, Y.L.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.; Sheu, F.; Lin, J.Y.; Chau, C.F.; 周志輝; 林金源-
-Effects of an 8-week weight control program on seruminflammatory markers and risk factors for metabolic syndrome in android-type obese subjectsChou, Ching-Ya; 周靜雅-
-Effects of five selected polysaccharides on immunomodulatory functions and tumor immunotherapy in vitro and in vivoHsiao-Chien Lin; 林筱茜
-Effects of high–temperature and –humidity aged radish on immunomodulatory action and the growth of prostate cancer PC-3 as well as breast cancer MCF-7 cellsKuang-Chun Teng; 鄧光淳
-Effects of lotus plumule supplementation before and following systemic administration of lipopolysaccharide on the splenocyte responses of BALB/c miceLin, J.Y.; 林金源; Lai, Y.S.; Liu, C.J.; Wu, A.R.-
-Evaluation on the allergenicity of phytase-transgenic rice (Tainung NO.67) using in vitro and in vivo modelsChiu, Chun-Yu; 邱俊佑-
-Evaluation on the effects of berberine administrations on cytokine secretions by BALB/c mouse splenocytes using real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) methods林瑋琪; Lin, Wei-Chi-