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-Optical switch with auto-aligning fibers and latching micro-mirrorsYang, H.; 楊錫杭; Pan, C.T.; Shen, S.C.-
-Optimal design using thermal reflow and caulking for fabrication of gapless microlens array mold insertsHung, S.Y.; 楊錫杭; Lin, C.P.; Yang, H.H.; Chang, Y.P.-
-PET polymer ablation using excimer laser for nozzle plate application楊錫杭; Pan, C.T.; Yang, H.; Wei, M.K.; Chang, F.Y.-
-Polydimethylsiloxane之表面改質及在免疫分析上之應用陳俊瑩; Chen, Jung Ying-
-A promising thermal pressing used in fabricating microlens array楊錫杭; Shyu, R.F.; Yang, H.-
-Research of Buckypaper Characteristics Processing for Chitosan CarrierShih-Hsuan Tseng; 曾士軒
-Research of Buckypaper Characteristics Processing for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells Gas Diffusion Layer CharacteristicsChao-Wei Lai; 賴晁偉
-Research of Carbon Nanotubes Modified Carbon Cloth Cathode Electrode for Self-Pumping Glucose Oxidase Fuel CellSheng-Li You; 游聲笠
-Research of High Power Self-Pumping Glucose Oxidase Enzymatic Fuel Cell SystemTsung-Ying Hsieh; 謝宗穎
-Research of Producing Dual-Curvature with Dual-Focus Microlens ArrayJhe-Huan Jhang; 張哲煥
-Research of Self-Pumping Fluid Glucose Oxidase Enzymatic Fuel CellYun-Fang Tsai; 蔡昀芳
-The robust design for gapless microlens array fabrication using the incomplete developing and thermal reflow processHung, S.Y.; 楊錫杭; Chen, S.N.; Lin, C.P.; Yang, H.H.-
-Semi-ellipsoid microlens simulation and fabrication for enhancing optical fiber coupling efficiency楊錫杭; Hu, J.Y.; Lin, C.P.; Hung, S.Y.; Yang, H.H.; Chao, C.K.-
-Study of High-Aspect Ratio Microelectroforming Process簡瑞與; 楊錫杭-
-Study of Spray Coating Module Establishment for SiO2 Antireflection FilmWang-lin Liu; 劉旺林
-Triplex-pumping CD-like microfluidic platform with parabolic microchannelsWang, G.J.; 楊錫杭; Chang, C.H.; Yang, H.; 王國禎-
-Two-dimensional simulations of ion concentration distribution in microstructural electroformingTsai, T.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chein, R.; Yeh, M.S.; 簡瑞與-
-Ultra-fine machining tool/molds by LIGA technology楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Pan, C.T.; Chou, M.C.-