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-The C-terminal sequence of LMADS1 is essential for the formation of homodimers for B function proteinsTzeng, T.Y.; 楊長賢; Liu, H.C.; Yang, C.H.-
-C/D Class MADS Box Genes from Two Monocots, Orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) and Lily (Lilium longiflorum), Exhibit Different Effects on Floral Transition and Formation in Arabidopsis thalianaHsu, H.F.; 楊長賢; Hsieh, W.P.; Chen, M.K.; Chang, Y.Y.; Yang, C.H.-
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of a RING-Type E3 Protein Ligase in Regulating Ovule Development in Arabidopsis thaliana林哲逸; Jhe-Yi Lin
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of B and C functional MADS Box Genes in Regulating Floral Organ Formation in Eustoma grandiflorum謝依純; Yi-Chun Hsieh
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of Genes in Regulating Flower Transition and Flower Senescence in Eustoma grandiflorum李坤紘; Kun-Hung Li
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of Orchid(Phalaenopsis and Cattleya) CONSTANS-Like Genes in Regulating Flowering Time and Flower Development柯玟亘; Wen-Hsuan Ko
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of Three Nac-Like Genes and Their Agricultural Application in Controlling Stamen and Shoot Formation in Plants楊長賢-
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of Three NAC-like Genes and Their Agricultural Application in Controlling Stamen and Shoot Formation in Plants楊長賢-
-Characterization of Oncidium 'Gower Ramsey' Transcriptomes using 454 GS-FLX Pyrosequencing and Their Application to the Identification of Genes Associated with Flowering TimeChang, Y.Y.; 呂維茗; Chu, Y.W.; Chen, C.W.; Leu, W.M.; Hsu, H.F.; Yang, C.H.; 楊長賢; 朱彥煒-
-Characterization of the Possible Roles for B Class MADS Box Genes in Regulation of Perianth Formation in OrchidChang, Y.Y.; 楊長賢; Kao, N.H.; Li, J.Y.; Hsu, W.H.; Liang, Y.L.; Wu, J.W.; Yang, C.H.-
-Development of an embryogenic suspension culture of bitter melon (Momordica charantia L.)Thiruvengadam, M.; 楊長賢; Mohamed, S.V.; Yang, C.H.; Jayabalan, N.-
-The Different Response to Oxidative Stress for GIGANTEA(GI) Orthologues from Arabidopsis and Ferns黃品瑄; Pin-Syuan Huang
-Ectopic expression of an orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) AGL6-like gene promotes flowering by activating flowering time genes in Arabidopsis thalianaHsu, H.F.; 楊長賢; Huang, C.H.; Chou, L.T.; Yang, C.H.-
-Ectopic expression of carpel-specific MADS box genes from lily and lisianthus causes similar homeotic conversion of sepal and petal in ArabidopsisTzeng, T.Y.; 楊長賢; Chen, H.Y.; Yang, C.H.-
-Ectopic expression of two MADS box genes from orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) and lily (Lilium longiflorum) alters flower transition and formation in Eustoma grandiflorumThiruvengadam, M.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
-EMF genes interact with late-flowering genes in regulating floral initiation genes during shoot development in Arabidopsis thalianaChou, M.L.; 楊長賢; Haung, M.D.; Yang, C.H.-
-EMF genes interact with late-flowering genes to regulate Arabidopsis shoot developmentHaung, M.D.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
-Evidence for programmed cell death during leaf senescence in plantsYen, C.H.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
-FLD interacts with CO to affect both flowering time and floral initiation in Arabidopsis thalianaYang, C.H.; 楊長賢; Chou, M.L.-
-FLD interacts with genes that affect different developmental phase transitions to regulate Arabidopsis shoot developmentChou, M.L.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-