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-An orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) AP3-like MADS gene regulates floral formation and initiationHsu, H.F.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
-Overexpression of the Lily p70(s6k) Gene in Arabidopsis Affects Elongation of Flower Organs and Indicates TOR-Dependent Regulation of AP3, PI and SUP TranslationTzeng, T.Y.; 楊長賢; Kong, L.R.; Chen, C.H.; Shaw, C.C.; Yang, C.H.-
-Phosphomannose-isomerase as a selectable marker to recover transgenic orchid plants (Oncidium Gower Ramsey)Thiruvengadam, M.; 楊長賢; Hsu, W.H.; Yang, C.H.-
-Regulation of Ku gene promoters in Arabidopsis by hormones and stressChang, W.C.; 楊長賢; Wang, Y.K.; Liu, P.F.; Tsai, Y.F.; Kong, L.R.; Lin, C.K.; Yang, C.H.; Pan, R.L.-
-Resistance and susceptibility of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearumYang, C.H.; 楊長賢; Ho, G.D.-
-A single locus leads to resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana to bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum through a hypersensitive-like responseHo, G.D.; 楊長賢; Yang, C.H.-
-Study on the Mechanism of E3 RING Finger Genes and NAC-Like Genes and Their Application in Controlling Cell Differentiation from Various Plant Species (II)楊長賢-
-A transgenic mutant defective in cell elongation and cellular organization during both root and shoot development in lettuce, Lactuca sativaYang, C.H.; 楊長賢; Li, C.I.-
-Trithorax Group (TrxG)基因參與調控阿拉伯芥不同發育階段之新功能分析林群原; Lin, Chun-Yuan-
-Two lily SEPALLATA-like genes cause different effects on floral formation and floral transition in ArabidopsisTzeng, T.Y.; 楊長賢; Hsiao, C.C.; Chi, P.J.; Yang, C.H.-
-以表現輔助蛋白提升農桿菌的植物轉殖效率林家誠; Lin, Jia-Cheng-
-以農桿菌浸潤菸草之暫時性轉殖分析評估T-DNA傳送過程之輔助蛋白的促轉效果林怡君; Lin, Yi-Jyun-
-光訊息傳遞因子LZF1/BBX22參與阿拉伯芥幼苗發育之分子研究張瓊穗; Chang, Chiung-Swey Joanne-
-利用T-DNA插入性突變株探討水稻中GA 2-oxidase, MADS14, MADS34 and Flavonoid 3''- hydroxylase 之功能羅舜芳; Lo, Shuen-Fang-
-受文心蘭OMADS1正調控的未知基因之功能性分析戴書瑜; Dai, Shu-Yu-
-基因上游小片段 (uORF) 調控DAF 和DAFL1 功能之探討宮振庭; Chen-Ting Kung