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-Rheological Characteristics and Morphology of Dialdehyde Starch/Meat Composites during HeatingChiang, P.Y.; 江伯源; Li, J.Y.; Chen, M.L.-
-Roselle Anthocyanins: Antioxidant Properties and Stability to Heat and pHWu, Hai-Yao; Yang, Kai-Min; Chiang, Po-Yuan; 江伯源
-Stady on pigemnt stabilities and degradation kinetics of adzuki bean薛怡芳; Shiue, Yi-Fang-
-Studies on the Functional Hydrogel Beads of Burdock Leaf Extracts and the Evaluation of in vitro Release Control蔡馥亘; Tsai, Fu-Hsuan-
-Studies on the viscosity stability and modification technique of soy sauce pasteChien, Ching-Yi; 簡靜怡-
-A study of micronization of water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis Nakai) pericarps on physicochemical and antioxidant properties and their utilization on survivability of microencapsulated probiotic bacteria邱致穎; Ciou, Jhih-Ying-
-Study of process model system on physicochemical properties and quality modification of instant rice flourChan, I-Ping; 詹依屏-
-Study on Preparation and Factor of Quality of Pancake劉淑蕙; Liu, Shu-Hui-
-Study on Processing of Adzuki Bean Paste and Gelation of Adzuki Bean Jelly陳思怡; Cheng, Se-Yi-
-Study on the functional component contents of soybean fiber (okara) as well as the preparation and releasing evaluation of complex okara tabletsWei-Tzu Shih; 施韋慈
-Study on the functional properties of micronized soybean by-product and the technology of preparing noodle with high dietary fiber蔡惠玲; Tsai, Hui-Ling-
-Study on the oxidation stability of DHA rich algae oil and its derived off-flavor compoundsKai-Min Yang; Po-Yuan Chiang; 楊楷民; 江伯源
-Study on the Physicochemical Properties and Ready-to-eat Characterics of Wheat Flour with Different Treatment of Drum Drying (Pregelatinized)楊孟婷; Yang, Meng-Ting; 江伯源; Chiang, Po-Yuan
-Study+on+the+Water+Absorption+Properties+and+Kinetics+of+Black+RiceChen, Hsiu-Yu; 陳琇瑜; Tsai, Yu-Ze; Chiang, Po-Yuan; 蔡侑志; 江伯源
-The+Formability+and+Quality+of+Ca-alginate+Hydrogel+Beads+Formed+by+Different+Calcium+SaltsHuang, Yu-Ling; 黃玉鈴; Tsai, Feng-Fu; Chang, Hsiu-Ming; Wang, Wen-Liang; Chiang, Po-Yuan; 蔡豐富; 張修銘; 王文良; 江伯源
-Total phenolics content and antioxidant activity of extracts from dried water caltrop (Trapa taiwanensis nakai) hullsCiou, J.Y.; 江伯源; Wang, C.C.R.; Chen, J.; Chiang, P.Y.-
-不同水分比例濕磨米漿預糊化對米漿型製品品質的影響Chou, Hsiu-Chien; 周秀堅-