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-A Rainfall Station Network Design for Cho-Shui-Chi Basin梁昇; 江永哲; Lewis Sheng Liang; Yuang-cheh Chiang
-The relations between the geographical characteristics and the distribution of wind velocity and wind direction on the mounds邱紹恆; QIU, SHAO-HENG-
-Studies on the Shelter Effects of Non-Penetrable Windbreak StructuresHuang, Long-Ming; 黃隆明-
-Studies+on+Effect+of+Fixed+Sand+Fence+with+Different+Woven+TypesJaung-Pey Lin; 江永哲; Jaung-Pey Lin; Yung-Chen Chiang; Yung-Chen Chiang; 江永哲; 林狀沛; 林狀沛
-A Study on Characteristics of Interface Transition Zone of Rubberized Concretes周良勳; Chou, Liang-Hsiung-
-Study on Rainfall Measurement in Mountain Area (5)The Indluence of Windshield on the Measurement with Slanting Hole Raingauge江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang-
-Study on the Effect of Wind Reduction by the Windbreak Net with Different Densities黃隆明; Long-Ming Huang; 江永哲; Yung-Cheh Chiang
-Study on the Initiation Mechanism of Debris-Flow Along the Gravel SlopeWu, Jen-Ming; 吳仁明-
-The study on the Notch Discharge of Check Dam程向榮; Cheng, Shiang-Rung-
-A Study on the Relationships between the salinity and Topographical Characteristics in Peng-Hu Coastal Area許朝欽; Shu, Chow-chin-
-Study+on+the+Properties+of+Sand+Grain+on+the+Western+Coast+of+TaiwanIue-Shi Wu; 游繁結; Fan-Chieh Yu; Yung-Chen Chiang; Yung-Chen Chiang; Iue-Shi Wu; Fan-Chieh Yu; 江永哲; 江永哲; 吳約西; 吳約西; 游繁結
-Study^^on the effect of wind reduction by the windbreak net typesHUANG, LONG-MING; 黃隆明-
-Surveying and analysis of dangerous factors of Howan area in Taroko National parkTseng, sheng-tong; 曾盛堂-
-Test on The Interception under Different Species of ForestYung-Cheh Chiang; 江永哲-
-上游入流泥砂含量對土石流運動特徵影響之研究柯玉川; Ke, Yu Chuan-
-不同密度海岸防風林消滅風力效果之風洞試驗江永哲; Yung-Cheh Chiang; 吳約西; Iue-Shi Wu-
-不同攔沙構造物防治飛沙功效之比較試驗林壯沛; Lin, Zhuang-Pei-
-不同材料攔沙構造物防治飛沙功效試驗江永哲; Yung-Cheh Chiang; 林肚沛; Jaung-Pey Lin-
-不同海岸防風林型態與風速之關係試驗Yung-Cheh Chiang; 黃隆明; Fan-Chieh Yu; Long-Ming Huang; 江永哲; 游繁結-
-不穩定邊坡簡易處理法之比較研究吳龍柱; L.C. Wu; 江永哲; Y.C. Chiang-