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-Preparation and characterization of cobalt-containing alcohols and diolsLee, J.C.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Ho, Y.; Chu, K.M.; Chen, H.L.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of cobalt-containing P,N-ligands and an unusual palladium complex ion pair: their applications in amination reactionsHsiao, Y.C.; 洪豐裕; Chiang, W.Y.; Weng, C.M.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of several P-N bond containing secondary phosphine oxides and their ligated palladium complexes: Application of these ligands in Catellani reaction to the formation of Carbazole derivatives陳雅倩; Ya-Qian Chen
-Preparation and characterization of trimethylsilyipyridylacetylene bridged, dicobalt carbonyl complexes containing bis(diphenylphosphino)methylene or bis(diphenylphosphino)ethylene ligandHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Chen, C.W.; Huang, Y.L.-
-Preparation and NMR studies of cobalt-containing diphosphine ligand chelated W, Ru, Au and Pd complexes: Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and carbonylation catalyzed by the Pd complexHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Chang, C.P.; Huang, Y.L.-
-Preparation of a cobalt-containing P,N-bidentate ligand ligated palladium complex: Its applications in amination and Suzuki cross-coupling reactionsChiang, W.Y.; 洪豐裕; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation of a palladium dimer with a cobalt-containing bulky phosphine ligand: Its application in palladium catalyzed Suzuki reactionsGan, Y.H.; 洪豐裕; Lee, H.C.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation of cobalt-containing bulky monodentate phosphines with electron-withdrawing/donating substituents on bridged arylethynyl and their applications in Suzuki coupling reactionsShiu, B.Y.; 洪豐裕; Huang, P.C.; Huang, Y.L.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation of Cobalt-Containing Ligands with NHC- and/or P-Coordinating Sites and Their Application in Heck Reactions: The Formation of an Unexpected Cobalt-Containing Zwitterionic ComplexGuo, C.S.; 洪豐裕; Weng, C.M.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation of monodentate phosphinite ligands: their applications in palladium catalyzed Suzuki reactionsCheng, Y.H.; 洪豐裕; Weng, C.M.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation of Unsaturated Diaminophosphine Oxides from the Related Diaminophosphine Bromides: Structures, Chemical Properties and Cross-coupling Reactions陳玥竹; Yue-Jsu Chen
-Preparations and Applications of Benzo Fused Five-membered Heterocycle Substituted Secondary Phosphine Oxides in Suzuki-Miyaura and Catellani Reactions何佩云; Pei-Yun Ho
-Preparations and characterizations of homodinuclear complexes containing flyover bridge or cyclopentadienone ligands ; X-ray crystal structures of Co-2(CO)(3)(PPh3){mu-C(SiMe3)=CH-CH=C(SiMe3)-CH=C(SiMe3)}, Co-2(CO)(2)(mu-CO)(2)(eta(4)-2,5-bistrimethylsilyHong, F.E.; 林助傑; Wu, J.Y.; Huang, Y.C.; Hung, C.K.; Gau, H.M.; Lin, C.C.; 洪豐裕; 高漢謀-
-Preparations of cobalt-containing phosphines and reactions toward dicobalt octacarbonylHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Lai, Y.C.; Ho, Y.J.; Chang, Y.C.-
-Preparations of Secondary Phosphine Oxides Containing Indole Moiety and Their Derived Palladium Complexes: Applications in Heck-Type Catellani Reactions張庭瑋; Ting-Wei Chang
-Preparations of sulfido-tricobalt clusters containing pyridyl type ligands: insertion of carbon monoxide into cobalt-carbon bondHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chen, S.C.; Tsai, Y.T.; Chang, Y.C.-
-Reaction of CpCo(PPh3)(2) with diphenylphosphinoalkynes: Syntheses and X-ray structures of 1,3-cyclobutadiene-substituted CpCoCb diphosphine and 2,5-cobaltacyclopentadiene diphosphine dioxideChang, C.P.; 洪豐裕; Kultyshev, R.G.; Hong, F.E.-
-The reactions of 4,6-dimethyl-2-mercaptopyrimidine with dimetallic compounds: diiron nonacarbonyl and cyclopentadienylmolybedenum tricarbonyl dimerHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Huang, Y.L.; Chen, P.P.; Chang, Y.C.-
-Reactions of sulfido-tricobalt cluster (mu(3)-S)CO)(7)(mu-C,N-C5H4N) with diphosphine ligands and (mu(3)-S)Co-3(CO)(7)(mu-S,P-SPMe2) towards diphenyl-2-pyridylphosphineHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chang, C.P.; Chang, H.; Huang, Y.L.; Chang, Y.C.-
-Studies of Reactions of Unsaturated Organic Compounds with Bimetallic Compounds Containing Molybdenum and Cobalt洪豐裕-