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-Experimental and DFT study of the tautomeric behavior of cobalt-containing secondary phosphine oxidesWei, C.H.; 洪豐裕; Wu, C.E.; Huang, Y.L.; Kultyshev, R.G.; Hong, F.E.-
-Formation of alkyne bridged multicobalt carbonyl complexes with tris(2-thienyl)phosphine or bis(trimethylsilyiethynyl)phenylphosphine ligandHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Lien, F.C.; Chang, Y.C.; Ko, B.T.-
-INOR 279-DFT Studies on palladium complexes catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions assisted by N- or P-containing chelating ligandsHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Huang, Y.L.-
-A novel approach to the synthesis of azobenzene using dicobalt carbonylHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chen, C.W.; Chang, Y.C.-
-Observations on reaction pathways of dicobalt octacarbonyl with alkynyl aminesHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Huang, Y.L.; Chen, H.L.-
-Oxygen insertion in a carbon-phosphorus bond of the phenylethynyl-di-(tert-butyl)-phosphine bridged dicobalt complex: exploring the nature of oxygen migration using DFTHuang, Y.L.; 洪豐裕; Chang, C.P.; Hong, F.E.-
-Palladium catalyzed Suzuki coupling reactions using cobalt-containing bulky phosphine ligandsHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Ho, Y.; Chang, Y.C.; Lai, Y.C.-
-Palladium catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling reactions using N,O-bidentate ligandsLai, Y.C.; 林助傑; Chen, H.Y.; Hung, W.C.; Lin, C.C.; Hong, F.E.; 洪豐裕-
-Palladium-catalysed amination reactions using cobalt-containing bulky phosphane ligandsLee, J.C.; 洪豐裕; Wang, M.G.; Hong, F.E.-
-Palladium-Catalyzed C-H Functionalization of Amido-substitued 1,4-Napthoquinone in the Presence of Amines Toward the Formation of Pyrroles and ImidazolesSzu-Wei Chen; 陳思暐
-Palladium-Catalyzed Phosphination or Amination Reaction through C-H Bond Functionalization on Biphenyl Bearing Amido-substituent as Directing GroupI-Hsiang Kao; 高翊翔
-Palladium-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura and Catellani Reactions Employing Five-membered Heterocycle Substituted Phosphinous Acid Ligands毛國仲; Kuo-Chung Mao
-Preparation and characterization of a cobalt-containing mono-phosphine ligand and its coordinated molybdenum complexHuang, Y.L.; 洪豐裕; Wang, M.G.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of a novel palladium complex: cis-dichloride(1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)vinyi-P,P ',C)palladium(II)-(bis(diphenylphosphino)methane-P,P ')cobaltacarbonylChang, C.P.; 洪豐裕; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of cobalt-containing alcohols and diolsLee, J.C.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Ho, Y.; Chu, K.M.; Chen, H.L.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of cobalt-containing P,N-ligands and an unusual palladium complex ion pair: their applications in amination reactionsHsiao, Y.C.; 洪豐裕; Chiang, W.Y.; Weng, C.M.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of several P-N bond containing secondary phosphine oxides and their ligated palladium complexes: Application of these ligands in Catellani reaction to the formation of Carbazole derivatives陳雅倩; Ya-Qian Chen
-Preparation and characterization of trimethylsilyipyridylacetylene bridged, dicobalt carbonyl complexes containing bis(diphenylphosphino)methylene or bis(diphenylphosphino)ethylene ligandHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Chen, C.W.; Huang, Y.L.-
-Preparation and NMR studies of cobalt-containing diphosphine ligand chelated W, Ru, Au and Pd complexes: Suzuki cross-coupling reactions and carbonylation catalyzed by the Pd complexHong, F.E.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Chang, C.P.; Huang, Y.L.-
-Preparation of a cobalt-containing P,N-bidentate ligand ligated palladium complex: Its applications in amination and Suzuki cross-coupling reactionsChiang, W.Y.; 洪豐裕; Hong, F.E.-