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-FDM應用在濁水溪河口PM10推估之探討陳天慈; Chen, Tian-Cih-
-A GIS process for delimitating areas potentially endangered by debris flowYu, F.C.; 游繁結; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, T.C.; Hung, F.Y.; Lin, S.C.-
-The Influence of Engineering Structure on the Physical Characteristics of the River HabitatFang, Chi-Hsuan; 方琦萱-
-The inspection of the triggering mechanism for a hazardous mudflow in an urbanized territoryChen, H.; 游繁結; Chen, R.H.; Yu, F.C.; Chen, W.S.; Hung, J.J.-
-An Introduction of Cellular Automata Theory and Its Preliminary Application on Debris Flow Hazard Simulation陳建元; Chien-Yuan Chen; 游繁結; 羅俊雄; 陳天健; 李文正; Fan-Chieh Yu; Chin-Hsiung Loh; Tien-Chien Chen; Wen-Cheng Lee
-Investigations of Typhoon Rainfall Spatial Distribution Variations in Nan Shih Creek Watershed of Northern Taiwan王仲豪; Wang, Jong-Hao-
-A landslide dam breach induced debris flow - a case study on downstream hazard areas delineationChen, C.Y.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Yu, F.C.; Hung, F.Y.-
-Landslides and rainfall characteristics analysis in Taipei City during the Typhoon Nari eventYu, F.C.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Lin, M.L.; Chen, C.Y.; Yu, W.H.-
-On the Survey and Plan of Slopeland Residential Area of Chou-sue Lane,TakenFan-chieh Yu; 江永哲; Yung-cheh Chiang; 游繁結-
-Policy Implementation Analysis of the Designated Soil and Water Conservation AreaKo, Yung-Chuan; 柯勇全-
-Preliminary Investigation on the Effects of Soil and Water Conservation of Horizontal Path ReforestationUn-ching Rin; 游繁結; Fan-chieh Yu; Yung-cheh Chiang; 江永哲; 林文鎮-
-Rainfall duration and debris-flow initiated studies for real-time monitoringChen, C.Y.; 游繁結; Chen, T.C.; Yu, F.C.; Yu, W.H.; Tseng, C.C.-
-Seasonal activity, reproduction, and diet of a riparian frog (Rana swinhoana) from a subtropical forest in TaiwanKam, Y.C.; 楊正澤; Chen, T.C.; Yang, J.T.; Yu, F.C.; Yu, K.M.; 游繁結-
-A study for the suitability of single cadastral unit as the identification and classification of "land use capability for slopelands"Huang, Sheng-Tang; 黃勝堂-
-A Study on Application of Landscape Ecological Analysis in Watershed ManagementSun, Ming-Te; 孫明德-
-A Study on Characteristics of Interface Transition Zone of Rubberized Concretes周良勳; Chou, Liang-Hsiung-
-Study on the deposition of debris-flow with the change of bed slope林成偉; LIN, CHENG-WEI-
-Study on the Initiation Mechanism of Debris-Flow Along the Gravel SlopeWu, Jen-Ming; 吳仁明-
-Study on the interval of groundsill works with the experiment of moveable bedHuang, Zheng Da; 黃政達-
-Study on the Phenomenon of Soil Detachment by Overland Flow on Slopeland唐琦; Tang, Chi-