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-Deciphering the Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds of Forest Plants and Their Effects on Central Nervous Systems and Mood StatesChi-Jung Chen; 陳啟榮
-Effect of Methyl Jasmonate on the Amounts of Volatile Compounds Emitted from Chamaecyparis formosensis Matsum. LeavesKuo, Pei-Min; 郭佩旻; Chu, Fang-Hua; Wang, Sheng-Yang; 曲芳華; 王升陽
-Effects of peeling and steam-heating treatment on mechanical properties and dimensional stability of oriented Phyllostachys makinoi and Phyllostachys pubescens scrimber boardsMin Jay Chung; Sheng Yang Wang; 王升陽
-Expressed Sequence Tags, Gene Cloning and Functional Characterization of Terpene Synthase in Chamaecyparis formosensis Matsum.郭佩旻; Kuo, Pei-Min-
-Flavokawain B, a novel chalcone from Alpinia pricei Hayata with potent apoptotic activity: Involvement of ROS and GADD153 upstream of mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in HCT116 cellsKuo, Y.F.; 王升陽; Su, Y.Z.; Tseng, Y.H.; Wang, S.Y.; Wang, H.M.; Chueh, P.J.; 闕斌如-
-Flavokawain B所引發大腸癌細胞生長抑制機制及tNOX 腫瘤蛋白功能之探討闕斌如; 王升陽-
-Flavokawain B所引發大腸癌細胞生長抑制機制及tNOX腫瘤蛋白功能之探討闕斌如; 王升陽-
-Isolation and Cytotoxicity of the Lignanoids from Chamaecyparis formosensisChen, T.H.; 王升陽; Liau, B.C.; Wang, S.Y.; Jong, T.T.; 鍾婷婷-
-Lucidone作用於抑制脂質新生及減緩高油脂飼料造成的肥胖與代謝失調之效果謝瑀心; Hsieh, Yu-Hsin-
-Mechanical properties of oriented bamboo scrimber boards made of Phyllostachys pubescens (moso bamboo) from Taiwan and China as a function of densityMin-Jay Chung; Sheng-Yang Wang; 王升陽
-Secoaggregatalactone-A from Lindera aggregata induces apoptosis in human hepatoma hep G2 cellsLin, C.T.; 王升陽; Chu, F.H.; Chang, S.T.; Chueh, P.J.; Su, Y.C.; Wu, K.T.; Wang, S.Y.; 闕斌如; 蘇裕昌-
-trans-3-Methoxy-5-hydroxystilbene (MHS) from the rhizome of Alpinia nantonensis inhibits metastasis in human lung cancer cellsKumar, K J Senthil; Wang, Shi-Han; Tseng, Yen-Hsueh; Tsao, Nai-Wen; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Wang, Sheng-Yang; 王升陽
-丹參酚酸鎂鹽B活血化瘀與樟芝酸A抗發炎之分子機制探討陳怡菁; Chen, Yi-Ching-
-以廢紙製備聚乳酸及聚乳酸塗佈紙的研製陳言銘; Chen, Yan-Ming-
-以生化及分生指標解析臺灣產現生重要針葉樹種親緣關係林彥均; Lin, Yen-Chun-
-利用柳杉特殊成分研製機能性居家用紙王升陽; 沈熙巖-
-台灣森林遊樂區之芬多精成分與負離子含量解析林昱德; Yu-Te Lin