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-Gene expression pattern at desiccation in the anther of Lilium longiflorumHsu, Y.F.; 王國祥; Wang, C.S.; Raja, R.-
-Gene expression profiles of cold-stored and fresh pollen to investigate pollen germination and growthWang, M.L.; 王國祥; Hsu, C.M.; Chang, L.C.; Wang, C.S.; Su, T.H.; Huang, Y.J.J.; Jiang, L.W.; Jauh, G.Y.-
-I. Expression, localization and function of anther-specific genes in Lilium longiflorum. II. Functional analysis of Arabidopsis arabinogalactan protein AGP 31 in pollen tube growth.劉明哲; Ming-Che Liu
-I. 阿拉伯芥與DNA甲基化相關基因之選殖與特性分析 II. 鐵砲百合花藥與乾燥相關基因之選殖與特性分析許一丰; Hsu, Yi-Feng-
-I.參與DNA甲基化之基因定位 II.利用酵母菌雙雜合系統篩選與AtRH57相互作用的蛋白質盧冠宏; Lu, Kuan-Hung-
-Identification of anther-specific/predominant genes regulated by gibberellin during development of lily anthersHsu, Y.F.; 王國祥; Tzeng, A.D.; Liu, M.C.; Yei, F.L.; Chung, M.C.; Wang, C.S.-
-A lily ASR protein involves abscisic acid signaling and confers drought and salt resistance in ArabidopsisYang, C.Y.; 王國祥; Chen, Y.C.; Jauh, G.Y.; Wang, C.S.-
-Lily ASR protein-conferred cold and freezing resistance in ArabidopsisHsu, Y.F.; 王國祥; Yu, S.C.; Yang, C.Y.; Wang, C.S.-
-A lily pollen ASR protein localizes to both cytoplasm and nuclei requiring a nuclear localization signalWang, H.J.; 王國祥; Hsu, C.M.; Jauh, G.Y.; Wang, C.S.-
-A lily pollen-specific cDNA encoding the Cdc42/Rac-interactive-binding motif-containing protein associated with pollen tube growthHsu, S.W.; 王國祥; Wang, C.S.-
-The LLA23 protein translocates into nuclei shortly before desiccation in developing pollen grains and regulates gene expression in ArabidopsisYang, C.Y.; 王國祥; Wu, C.H.; Jauh, G.; Huang, J.C.; Lin, C.C.; Wang, C.S.-
-LLA23基因在使植物具有增加的耐熱和/或抗凍能力上的應用王國祥; WANG, CO SHINE; 楊靜瑩; YANG, CHIN YING-
-Molecular and Functional Analysis of Two Tapetum- Specific Genes Encoding Novel Small Cysteine-Rich Proteins in Lilium Longiflorum王國祥-
-Molecular Regulation and Application of the Lily ASR Gene王國祥-
-NRPD4, a protein related to the RPB4 subunit of RNA polymerase II, is a component of RNA polymerases IV and V and is required for RNA-directed DNA methylationHe, X.J.; 王國祥; Hsu, Y.F.; Pontes, O.; Zhu, J.H.; Lu, J.; Bressan, R.A.; Pikaard, C.; Wang, C.S.; Zhu, J.K.-
-The nuclear localization signal of a pollen-specific, desiccation-associated protein of lily is necessary and sufficient for nuclear targetingWang, H.J.; 王國祥; Jauh, G.Y.; Hsu, Y.H.; Wang, C.S.; 徐堯煇-
-Pollen Germination and Tube GrowthWang, H.J.; 王國祥; Huang, J.C.; Jauh, G.Y.-
-A pollen-specific and desiccation-associated transcript in Lilium longiflorum during development and stressHuang, J.C.; 王國祥; Lin, S.M.; Wang, C.S.-
-A pollen-specific polygalacturonase from lily is related to major grass pollen allergensChiang, J.Y.; 王國祥; Balic, N.; Hsu, S.W.; Yang, C.Y.; Ko, C.W.; Hsu, Y.F.; Swoboda, I.; Wang, C.S.-
-Pollen-Specific SKP1-Like Proteins are Components of Functional SCF Complexes and Essential for Lily Pollen Tube ElongationChang, L.C.; 王國祥; Guo, C.L.; Lin, Y.S.; Fu, H.Y.; Wang, C.S.; Jauh, G.Y.-