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-NRPD4, a protein related to the RPB4 subunit of RNA polymerase II, is a component of RNA polymerases IV and V and is required for RNA-directed DNA methylationHe, X.J.; 王國祥; Hsu, Y.F.; Pontes, O.; Zhu, J.H.; Lu, J.; Bressan, R.A.; Pikaard, C.; Wang, C.S.; Zhu, J.K.-
-The nuclear localization signal of a pollen-specific, desiccation-associated protein of lily is necessary and sufficient for nuclear targetingWang, H.J.; 王國祥; Jauh, G.Y.; Hsu, Y.H.; Wang, C.S.; 徐堯煇-
-Pollen Germination and Tube GrowthWang, H.J.; 王國祥; Huang, J.C.; Jauh, G.Y.-
-A pollen-specific and desiccation-associated transcript in Lilium longiflorum during development and stressHuang, J.C.; 王國祥; Lin, S.M.; Wang, C.S.-
-A pollen-specific polygalacturonase from lily is related to major grass pollen allergensChiang, J.Y.; 王國祥; Balic, N.; Hsu, S.W.; Yang, C.Y.; Ko, C.W.; Hsu, Y.F.; Swoboda, I.; Wang, C.S.-
-Pollen-Specific SKP1-Like Proteins are Components of Functional SCF Complexes and Essential for Lily Pollen Tube ElongationChang, L.C.; 王國祥; Guo, C.L.; Lin, Y.S.; Fu, H.Y.; Wang, C.S.; Jauh, G.Y.-
-The Regulation of Pollen-Specific &quot;Late Genes&quot; and Proteins Associated with Desiccation, Pollen Germination and Tube Growth王國祥-
-The Regulation of Pollen-Specific &quot;Late Genes&quot; and Proteins Associated with Desiccation, Pollen Germination and Tube Growth.王國祥-
-The Regulation of Pollen-Specific &quot;Late Genes&quot; and Tapetum-Specifc Genes and Function of Their Proteins in Lily Plants (III)王國祥-
-Rice functional genomics study with T-DNA insertion mutants--Characterization and gene expression analysis of fertility and development mutants, M0017031 and M0017091Chen, Chi-Wen; 陳季緯-
-Rop GTPase and Its Target Cdc42/Rac-Interactive-Binding Motif-Containing Protein Genes Respond to Desiccation during Pollen MaturationHsu, S.W.; 王國祥; Cheng, C.L.; Tzen, T.C.J.; Wang, C.S.; 曾志正-
-Stable oil bodies sheltered by a unique oleosin in lily pollenJiang, P.L.; 王國祥; Wang, C.S.; Hsu, C.M.; Jauh, G.Y.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 曾志正-
-A stress-inducible protein associated with desiccation in lily pollenWang, C.S.; 王國祥; Lin, S.M.; Wei, S.L.-
-A unique caleosin in oil bodies of lily pollenJiang, P.L.; 王國祥; Jauh, G.Y.; Wang, C.S.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 曾志正-
-傳染性華氏囊病毒的VP2蛋白 N端及C端序列對於T=1 次病毒顆粒的組裝與純化及免疫原性之影響何靜宜; Ho, Jin-Yi-
-兩個百合花粉專一cDNAs之特性分析黃麗曰; Huang, Li-Yueh-
-利用微矩陣分析百合LLA23在葡萄糖、乾燥與高溫條件下對阿拉伯芥轉殖株的影響鐘緯璟; Chung, Wei-Ching-
-擬南芥轉殖株百合LLA23蛋白參與離層酸和葡萄糖訊息傳遞及耐旱抗鹽特性楊靜瑩; Yang, Chin-Ying-
-文心蘭中B功能性MADS Box基因之選殖與特性分析高乃萱; Kao, Nai-Hsuan-
-文心蘭中調控開花時間相關基因之選殖與特性分析邱怡芬; Chiu, Yi-Feng-