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-Nano-Technology Personnel Training Program for the Central Taiwan Region王國禎; 蔡宜壽; 江榮隆; 李得勝; 吳樹屏; 陳麗文; 張淑貞; 楊安邦-
-Nano-Technology Personnel Training Program for the Central Taiwan Region (I)王國禎; 江榮隆; 張淑貞; 吳樹屏; 李得勝; 陳麗文; 楊安邦; 蔡宜壽-
-Nano-Technology Personnel Training Program for the Central Taiwan Region (II)王國禎; 張淑貞; 吳樹屏; 楊安邦; 陳麗文; 蔡宜壽; 李得勝; 江榮隆-
-Nanopore size estimation by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysisChien, M.C.; 王國禎; Wang, G.J.; Yu, M.C.-
-A nanoporous small Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) tube for long-acting drug release李寶英; Bao-Ying Lee
-Nanotechnology Innovation Competition 2010王國禎-
-Neural-network-based self-tuning PI controller for precise motion control of PMAC motorsWang, G.J.; 王國禎; Fong, C.T.; Chang, K.J.-
-A neural-Taguchi-based quasi time-optimization control strategy for chemical-mechanical polishing processesWang, G.J.; 王國禎; Chou, M.H.-
-A new mass spectrometry electrospray tip obtained via precise mechanical micromachiningChang, Y.Z.; 王國禎; Yang, M.W.; Wang, G.J.-
-A New Neural Network Approach for Intelligent Vision System王國禎-
-A novel chip-on-glass method for slim LCD packagingLin, Y.H.; 王國禎; Chang, K.J.; Wang, G.J.-
-A novel contact resistance model of anisotropic conductive film for FPD packagingWang, G.J.; 王國禎; Lin, Y.C.; Lin, G.S.-
-A novel glucose biosensor based on a silicon nanowire array electrode馮文昭; Feng Wen-Chao
-A novel nanostructured biosensor for the detection of the dust mite antigen Der p2Tsai, J.J.; 王國禎; Bau, I.J.; Chen, H.T.; Lin, Y.T.; Wang, G.J.-
-One-step growth of ZnO nanorods and a ZnO film for dye-sensitized solar cells賴明宏; Lai, Ming-Hong-
-The optical, electrical and field effect properties of the porphyrin derivatives陳永洲; Chen, Yung-Chou-
-Optimal design of a DC micro-plasma electrode張淳堯; Chun-Yao Chang
-Optimization of the etching parameters for photo alignment using experimental design張展榮; Chan-Jung Chang
-Patterned Anode-Aluminum-Oxide Technique and Its Applicaton on Fabrication of Vertical Carbon Nanotube Array(III)王國禎; 李明威-
-PCR free detection of hepatitis B virus DNA using a nanostructured impedance biosensor陳俊丞; Chun-Cheng Chen