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-26-methoxycholesta-1,4-dien-3-one 抑制黑色素瘤細胞存活的活性分析洪琪雅; Chi-Ya Hung
-Analyses of brown rice oil body proteins and Aquilaria sinensis seed composition陳大晃; Da-Huang Chen
-Analysis of lipophilic compounds of tea coated on the surface of clay teapots廖子慧; Zhi-Hui Liao
-Anti-Influenza A virus activities of strictinin and ellagic acid extracted from Pu-erh tea林榆倫; Yu-Lun Lin
-Arabidopsis CHROMOSOME TRANSMISSION FIDELITY 7 (AtCTF7/ECO1) is required for DNA repair, mitosis and meiosis何伯樂; Pablo Alberto Bolanos Villegas
-AtG-LecRK-I.2調節細菌性斑點病菌感染下的氣孔免疫反應簡志丞; Chih-Cheng Chien
-Biochemical Characterization of RuvB-like DNA Helicases in Arabidopsis thaliana蕭崇仁; Chung-Jen Hsiao
-The C-terminal two residues of infectious bursal disease virus VP4 protein play a role on tubule formation and enzymatic activity蕭鼎峰; Ting-Feng Hsiao
-Characterization and directed evolution of polyphenol oxidase Tfu_1114 from the actinomycetes Thermobifida fusca陳弘軒; Hung-Shuan Chen
-Characterization and function analysis of a tapetum/microspore-specific gene in Lilium longiforum張詔雁; Zao-Yen Chang
-Characterization and functional analysis of a novel lily adhesin-like protein gene and its promoter魏齊萱; Chi-Hsuan Wei
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of a RING-Type E3 Protein Ligase in Regulating Ovule Development in Arabidopsis thaliana林哲逸; Jhe-Yi Lin
-Characterization and functional analysis of an E3 ubiquitin ligase gene in the glucose-insensitive mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana謝禮臣; Li-Chen Hsieh
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of B and C functional MADS Box Genes in Regulating Floral Organ Formation in Eustoma grandiflorum謝依純; Yi-Chun Hsieh
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of Genes in Regulating Flower Transition and Flower Senescence in Eustoma grandiflorum李坤紘; Kun-Hung Li
-Characterization and Functional Analysis of Orchid(Phalaenopsis and Cattleya) CONSTANS-Like Genes in Regulating Flowering Time and Flower Development柯玟亘; Wen-Hsuan Ko
-Characterization and functional identification of rice pollen-specific OsCPK and its potential downstream substrate蔡曉倩; Shiao-Chien Tsai
-Characterization of AtRboh I under Hypoxic Stress in Arabidopsis林依萱; I-Shiuan Lin
-Confocal microscopic dissection and characterization of lignin-related gene expressions in a rootless rice mutant曹莎; Sha Tsao
-Construction of potential unmarked gene deletion mutagenesis systems and selection of regulable promoters used in Rhodococcus equi羅昱文; Yu-Wen Luo