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-Microchannel heat sink fabrication with roughened bottom wallsYang, H.; 楊錫杭; Lee, F.; Chein, R.; 簡瑞與-
-Microfluidic flow switching design using volume of fluid modelChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Tsai, S.H.-
-Modeling of particle removal using non-contact brush scrubbing in post-CMP cleaning processesChein, R.; 簡瑞與; Liao, W.Y.-
-New electroforming technology pressure aid for LIGA processTsai, T.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chein, R.; 簡瑞與-
-Numerical modeling of hydrogen production from ammonia decomposition for fuel cell applicationsChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, Y.C.; Chang, C.S.; Chung, J.N.-
-Numerical modeling of particle dynamics in a cylindrical chamber containing a rotating diskChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Su, T.W.-
-Numerical study of the inlet/outlet arrangement effect on microchannel heat sink performanceChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, J.H.-
-Numerical Study on the Sweep Gas Flow Effects on Water-Gas Shift Reaction in Membrane Reactors洪深造; Shen-Tsao Hong
-Performance analysis of nanofluid-cooled microchannel heat sinksTsai, T.H.; 簡瑞與; Chein, R.-
-Performances of thermoelectric cooler integrated with microchannel heat sinksChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, Y.H.-
-Study of High-Aspect Ratio Microelectroforming Process簡瑞與; 楊錫杭-
-T 型流道中微流體乳化現象數值模擬與分析劉忠敏; Liu, Chung-Min-
-TFT-LCD無塵室建廠成本分析及降低林光亮; Lin, Kuang-Liang-
-Thermal resistance effect on methanol-steam reforming performance in micro-scale reformersChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, Y.C.; Chung, J.N.-
-Thermodynamic analysis of syngas production via tri-reforming of methane and carbon gasification using flue gas from coal-fired power plantsRei-Yu Chein; 簡瑞與; Wen-Hwai Hsu
-Thermodynamic Reversibility Analysis of Electrokinetic Energy Conversion in Nanofluidic ChannelsChein, R.; 簡瑞與; Liao, C.C.; Chen, H.J.-
-Thermoelectric cooler application in electronic coolingChein, R.; 簡瑞與; Huang, G.M.-
-Thermophoretic effects on nano-particle deposition in channel flowChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Liao, W.Y.-
-Two-dimensional simulations of ion concentration distribution in microstructural electroformingTsai, T.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chein, R.; Yeh, M.S.; 簡瑞與-
-T型微流道乳化液滴生成與控制之研究林祐駿; Lin, You-Chun-