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-DHEA inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in BV-2 cells and the effects are inversely associated with glucose concentration in the mediumYang, N.C.; 胡淼琳; Jeng, K.C.G.; Ho, W.M.; Chou, S.J.; Hu, M.L.-
-DHEA之抗氧化性及毒性:在大鼠中與維生素E之相互作用以及對HepG2細胞之影響陳光兆; Chen, Kuang-Chao-
-Dietary selenium and vitamin E affect adrenal and brain dehydroepiandrosterone levels in young ratsHu, M.L.; 胡淼琳; Ng, H.P.-
-Effect of dietary vitamin E and selenium on DNA damage in fresh and frozen tissuesChuang, C.H.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-Effects and mechanisms of α-tocopherol ether-linked acetic acid on angiogenesis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells劉佳華; Liu, Chia-Hua-
-Effects of &quot;Chinese yam&quot; on hepato-nephrotoxicity of acetaminophen in ratsLee, S.C.; 胡淼琳; Tsai, C.C.; Chen, J.C.; Lin, J.G.; Lin, C.C.; Hu, M.L.; Lu, S.-
-Effects of 2-deoxyglucose and dehydroepiandrosterone on intracellular NAD(+) level, SIRT1 activity and replicative lifespan of human Hs68 cellsYang, N.C.; 胡淼琳; Song, T.Y.; Chen, M.Y.; Hu, M.L.-
-Effects of fermentation temperatures on the functional components and flavor of soy sauceYeh, Ming-Yi; 葉明毅-
-Effects of folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation on plasma homocysteine levels of patients with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease in long-term care facility林雅文; Lin, Ya-Wen-
-Effects of Freezing and Drying on the Antioxidant Activity of Water or Ethanol Extracts of Aneoctochilus Formosanus Hayata黃美枝; HUANG, Mei-Chih-
-Effects of lycopene supplementation on plasma and tissue lycopene levels in various rodent strainsHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Chuang, C.H.; Hu, M.L.-
-Effects of RRR-α-tocopherol, RRR-α-tocopherol succinate, RRR-α-tocopherol ether-linked acetic acid on metastasis of human hepatoma SK-Hep-1 cellsFan, Yang-En; 范揚恩-
-The effects of vitamin E in combination with rutin on oxidative DNA damage to human white blood cells and on the pathways of secreting vascular endothelial growth factor in human leukemia cellsChuang, Cheng-Hung; 莊正宏-
-Elevated lipid peroxidation and disturbed antioxidant enzyme activities in plasma and erythrocytes of patients with uterine cervicitis and myomaChiou, J.F.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-The evaluation of reno- and hepato-protective effects of Huai-Shan-Yao (Rhizome Dioscoreae)Lee, S.C.; 胡淼琳; Tsai, C.C.; Chen, J.C.; Lin, C.C.; Hu, M.L.; Lu, S.-
-Exposure of calf thymus DNA to autoxidized beta-carotene results in the formation of 8-oxo-deoxyguanosineYeh, S.L.; 胡淼琳; Yang, T.H.; Huang, C.H.; Hu, M.L.-
-Flavonoids suppresses the enhancing effect of beta-carotene on DNA damage induced by 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK) in A549 cellsYeh, S.L.; 胡淼琳; Wang, W.Y.; Huang, C.S.; Hu, M.L.-
-A fluorimetric method using fluorescein di-beta-D-galactopyranoside for quantifying the senescence- associated beta-galactosidase activity in human foreskin fibroblast Hs68 cells胡淼琳; Yang, N.C.; Hu, M.L.-
-Genistein attenuates D-galactose-induced oxidative damage through decreased reactive oxygen species and NF-kappa B binding activity in neuronal PC12 cellsHsieh, H.M.; 胡淼琳; Wu, W.M.; Hu, M.L.-