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-L-carnosine inhibits metastasis of SK-Hep-1 cells by inhibition of matrix metaoproteinase-9 expression and induction of an antimetastatic gene, nm23-H1Chuang, C.H.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-The limitations and validities of senescence associated-beta-galactosidase activity as an aging marker for human foreskin fibroblast Hs68 cellsYang, N.C.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status in workers exposed to PCDD/Fs of metal recovery plantsChen, H.L.; 胡淼琳; Hsu, C.Y.; Hung, D.Z.; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene enhances UVA-induced DNA damage and expression of heme oxygenase-1 in cultured mouse embryo fibroblastsYeh, S.L.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.; Huang, C.S.-
-Lycopene inhibits cell migration and invasion and upregulates Nm23-H1 in a highly invasive hepatocarcinoma, SK-Hep-1 cellsHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Shih, M.K.; Chuang, C.H.; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene inhibits DNA damage and reduces hMTH1 mRNA expression in the liver of Mongolian gerbils treated with ferric nitrilotriacetateHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene inhibits experimental metastasis of human hepatoma SK-Hep-1 cells in athymic nude miceHuang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Liao, J.W.; Hu, M.L.; 廖俊旺-
-Lycopene inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression and down-regulates the binding activity of nuclear factor-kappa B and stimulatory protein-1Huang, C.S.; 胡淼琳; Fan, Y.E.; Lin, C.Y.; Hu, M.L.-
-Lycopene inhibits the proliferation of androgen-dependent human prostate LNCaP tumor cells through activation of PPARγ and LXRα signaling pathwayLu, Yi-Hsuan; 盧怡璇-
-Lycopene-induced growth inhibition of androgen-independent human prostate cancer cells in vitro via PPARγ-LXRα-ABCA1 pathwayLu, Ya-Ling; 呂雅苓-
-Mechanism of prooxidant and antioxidant activities of pyridoxine and pyridoxal on iron-ascorbate-induced lipid peroxidation in rat liver microsomesLin, Yun Fang; 林芸芳-
-Nutrient deficiencies as a risk factor in Taiwanese patients with postherpetic neuralgiaChen, J.Y.; 胡淼琳; Chu, C.C.; Lin, Y.S.; So, E.C.; Shieh, J.P.; Hu, M.L.-
-Oxidative damage of human fibroblasts by ferric nitrilotriacetate: the relationship between lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation李佳裕; Lee, ChiaYu-
-Oxidative damage to Hs68 cells induced by UVA and NO and protection by food, cosmetic and cellular components林詩玫; Lin, Shih-Mei-
-Oxidative damage to membrane lipids and DNA in HepG2 cells, rat liver tissue slice and nuclei: a comparison of methods and the relationship of lipid peroxidation and DNA damage王永發; Wang, Yung-Fa-
-Oxidized beta-carotene inhibits gap junction intercellular communication in the human lung adenocarcinoma cell line A549Yeh, S.L.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-Plasma Homocysteine、Folate and Oxygen-radical are related to Glycosylated hemoglobin in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus陳玉楚; chen, yu chu-
-Plasma levels of antioxidant vitamins, selenium, total sulfhydryl groups and oxidative products in ischemic-stroke patients as compared to matched controls in TaiwanChang, C.Y.; 胡淼琳; Lai, Y.C.; Cheng, T.J.; Lau, M.T.; Hu, M.L.-
-Plasma levels of antioxidants and oxidative products in normal subjects and stroke patients and their relationship with early recovery of stroke賴怡君; Lai, Yi Jun-
-Plasma Levels of Fotal, Free-Oxidized, and Free-Reduced Homocystfine as Biomarkers of CHD and Stroke (III)胡淼琳-