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-SARS冠狀病毒3'非轉譯區結構分析與細胞宿主蛋白結合之探討黃士瑋; Huang, Shi-Wei-
-SARS冠狀病毒RNA複製相關蛋白質與RNA結構與功能的研究-總計畫與子計畫三:SARS 冠狀病毒核酸基因體3'與5'端非轉譯區核酸結構的探討蔡慶修; 徐堯煇-
-Sequences at the 3 ' untranslated region of bamboo mosaic potexvirus RNA interact with the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymeraseHuang, C.Y.; 蔡慶修; Huang, Y.L.; Meng, M.S.; Hsu, Y.H.; Tsai, C.H.; 徐堯煇; 孟孟孝-
-The silencing suppressor P25 of Potato virus X interacts with Argonaute1 and mediates its degradation through the proteasome pathwayChiu, M.H.; 蔡慶修; Chen, I.H.; Baulcombe, D.C.; Tsai, C.H.-
-split-intein 於蛋白質接合作用的應用之探討洪士勛; Hong, Shi-Xun-
-Structural and functional analysis of the 3 ' untranslated region of bamboo mosaic potexvirus genomic RNACheng, C.P.; 蔡慶修; Tsai, C.H.; 鄭綺萍-
-Structural and functional analysis of the cis-acting elements required for plus-strand RNA synthesis of Bamboo mosaic virusLin, J.W.; 蔡慶修; Chiu, H.N.; Chen, I.H.; Chen, T.C.; Hsu, Y.H.; Tsai, C.H.; 徐堯煇-
-The Structural and Functional Studies of the Interaction between the Host Proteins and the 3'UTR of Classical Swine Fever Virus RNA蔡慶修-
-Structural and mutational analyses of cis-acting sequences in the 5 '-untranslated region of satellite RNA of bamboo mosaic potexvirusAnnamalai, P.; 蔡慶修; Hsu, Y.H.; Liu, Y.P.; Tsai, C.H.; Lin, N.S.; 徐堯煇-
-The Studies of the Regulation of BaMV Minus-Strand RNA Synthesis and the Functional Gemomics of the Host Responses in BaMV Infection with cDNA-AFLP Technique (III)蔡慶修; 胡仲祺-
-The study of ferredoxin-NADP+ oxidoreductase from Nicotiana benthamiana involved in the replication of Bamboo mosaic virus邱冠智; Guan-Zhi Chiu
-The study of NbGAI involved in the accumulation of Bamboo mosaic virus in Nicotiana benthamiana林彥丞; Yan-Cheng Lin
-The study of NbLTP1 from Nicotiana benthamiana involved in the replication of Bamboo mosaic virus邱齡瑩; Ling-Ying Chiu
-The Study of Structure and Function of the 3' UTR of Bamboo Mosaic Virus Genomic RNA (III)蔡慶修-
-The study of the differentially expressed gene ACCT7-1 of Nicotiana benthamiana is involved in Bamboo mosaic virus infection cycle蔡茜雯; Chien-Wen Tsai
-The study of the relationship between Bamboo mosaic virus ?infection and its downregulated host gene NbTFIISL from Nicotiana benthamiana黃瀞瑩; Ching-Ing Huang
-The Study of the Relationship between the Noncoding Region of Bamboo Mosaic Virus Rna and Its Replication蔡慶修-
-The Study of the RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase of Bamboo Mosaic Virus(II)蔡慶修-
-Study on the Taxonomic Identity of Schima superba var. superba and S.superba var. kankaoensis by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA(RA PD)沈姿如; Shen, Zi-Ru-
-The study on the viral RNA intracellular trafficking and the involvement of autophagy pathway in the infection of Bamboo mosaic virus in Nicotiana benthamiana黃盈屏; Ying-Ping Huang