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-The Development of Evaluation Criteria for Agriculture Pre-Service Teachers蔡文榮-
-A Study of Impact of eBook-Integrated English Teaching in a Junior High Class on Students' Academic Achievement and Learning MotivationJu-Hsiu Cheng; 鄭如秀
-A Study of Modified Audiolingual Method on Junior High School Students' English Listening and Oral PerformanceChia-Feng Wang; 王家豐
-A Study of the Impact of Cooperative Learning on 7th Graders' Interpersonal Relationship and English Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing SkillsHung-Ru Chen; 陳虹汝
-A Study on Academic Adjustment of Thai Graduate Students in TaiwanSirinat Prathummanee; 徐主愛
-A Study on Collegial Adjustment Issues of Indian International Students in National Chung-Hsing University蔡文榮; 陳雅屏; Wen-Rong Tsay; Ya-Ping Chen
-A Study on IRS Implementing in a Management Mathematics Class in a Public UniversityWen-Rong Tsay; 蔡文榮
-A Study on Life Pressure and Coping Strategies between Foreign Students and Domestic Students at National Chung Hsin University in TaiwanLi-Fang Wu; 巫麗芳
-A Study on Mathematic Learning Attitude and Relating Factors of the Junior High School Students at Distant Areas in Changhua CountyWu, Yi-Ru; 吳怡儒; Tsay, Wen-Rong; Lee, Lin-Tsang; 蔡文榮; 李林滄
-Teachers' Attitudes towards Using Songs as a Resource in Taiwanese Public Secondary School English Language Classrooms潘建蓉; 蔡文榮; Chien-Jung Pan; Peter Brown; Wen-Rong Tsay
-中學教師電腦素養進階研習講義-Office 與網頁架設蔡文榮; 陳美蕙-
-互動式電子白板在國小英語教學過程中 對學習成就、學習態度與學習專注度之影響蔡佩君; Tsai, Pei-Jiun
-互動式電子白板在英語教學過程中對學習成就與學習態度之影響蔡文榮; Tsay, Timothy Wen-Rong; 蔡佩君; Tsai, Pei-Guin
-初任教師在偏遠國中專業成長之個案研究曾敬文; Tseng, Ching-Wen-
-合作學習對國一數學學習成效之研究楊旻潔; Yang, Min-Chieh-
-國中學生數學學習動機之研究劉晉宏; Liu, Jin-Home-
-國中推行英文廣泛閱讀活動之行動研究蔡文榮; 唐琇瑩-
-國中數學教師實施建構教學之教師成長團體之模式初探蔡文榮; 陳秀麗; 蘇得祿; 謝琇鈴; 莊淑絹; 陳柏年
-國中英語教師實施溝通式教學之教師成長團體之模式初探蔡文榮; 陳秀麗; 吳峻毅; 羅文莉; 林愛悅
-在英文研究論文中臺灣學生常犯的文法錯誤之探究張智寧; 蔡文榮