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-Appreciation of static bay beach concept for coastal management and protectionHsu, J.R.C.; 蔡清標; Benedet, L.; Klein, A.H.F.; Raabe, A.L.A.; Tsai, C.P.; Hsu, T.W.-
-Back-propagation neural network in tidal-level forecastingTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Lee, T.L.-
-Back-propagation neural network in tidal-level forecasting - ClosureTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Lee, T.S.-
-Calculations of wave transformation across the surf zoneTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Chen, H.B.; Hsu, J.R.C.-
-A combined thermographic analysis-Neural network methodology for eroded caves in a seawallLee, T.L.; 蔡清標; Tsai, C.P.; Lin, H.M.; Fang, C.J.-
-Defense Methods on Beach Erosion蔡清標-
-Effect of wave non-linearity on the standing-wave-induced seabed responseTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Lee, T.L.; Hsu, J.R.C.-
-Examination of empirical formulas for wave shoaling and breaking on steep slopesTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Chen, H.B.; Hwung, H.H.; Huang, M.J.-
-Flow Characteristics near Bottom in Front of a Vertical Wall-Wave- Induced Liquefaction Potential in a Porous Seabed in Front of a Breakwater(III)蔡清標-
-(I)八里海岸地形變遷之研究及(II)河川作物種植規範之研議歐陽鍾裕; 蔡清標; 李鴻源-
-The Influence of Sybmerged Breakwater to the Change of Sea Bottom (I)陳正炎; 蔡清標-
-Investigations on Equilibrium Shoreline behind Nearshore Breakkwaters (I)蔡清標; 許榮中-
-Investigations on the wave and flow characteristics on a seawall柳騫璘; Liu, Chien-Lin-
-Neural network for the prediction and supplement of tidal record in Taichung Harbor, TaiwanLee, T.L.; 蔡清標; Tsai, C.P.; Jeng, D.S.; Shieh, R.J.-
-Neural network for wave forecasting among multi-stationsTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Lin, C.; Shen, J.N.; 林 呈-
-Numerical Simulations of Nearshore Wave and Current in Arbitrary Coasts (II)蔡清標-
-Ocean waves propagating over a porous seabed of finite thicknessLee, T.C.; 蔡清標; Tsai, C.P.; Jeng, D.S.-
-Ocean waves propagating over a porous seabed of finite thickness (vol 29, pg 1577, 2002)Lee, T.L.; 蔡清標; Tsai, C.P.; Jeng, D.S.-
-SMC模式在花蓮新社海岸侵蝕防護之應用李哲維; Lee, Cho-Wei-
-Studies on Methods for Preventing of Beach Erosion and for Promenade Works between Miaoli and Changhua Coasts蔡清標; 林呈-