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-SMC模式在花蓮新社海岸侵蝕防護之應用李哲維; Lee, Cho-Wei-
-Studies on Methods for Preventing of Beach Erosion and for Promenade Works between Miaoli and Changhua Coasts蔡清標; 林呈-
-Studies on the Wave Deformation over a Poro-Elastic Medium (III)蔡清標-
-Study on Evolutions of the Shoreline at Pa-Li Coast and LDV歐陽鍾裕; 蔡清標; 林呈-
-Study on Toe Scour of Seawall Due to Breaking Waves and Its Protections (I)蔡清標-
-Study on Toe Scour of Seawall due to Breaking Waves and Its Protections (II)蔡清標-
-A Study on Wave and Current Prediction Model (II)蔡清標-
-Toe Scour of Seawall on a Steep Seabed by Breaking WavesTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Chen, H.B.; You, S.S.-
-Wave Attenuation over a Rigid Porous Medium on a Sandy SeabedTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Chen, H.B.; Jeng, D.S.-
-Wave Height Transformation and Set-up Between A Submerged Permeable Breakwater and A Seawall蔡清標; TSAI, Ching-piao; 余建宏; 陳鴻彬; 陳信佑; YU, Chien-hung; CHEN, Hong-bin; CHEN, Hsin-yu-
-Wave reflection from vertical breakwater with porous structureChen, H.B.; 蔡清標; Tsai, C.P.; Chiu, J.R.-
-Wave transformation over submerged permeable breakwater on porous bottomTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Chen, H.B.; Lee, F.C.-
-人工岬灣安定性之實驗研究高弘儒; Kao, Hong-Ruh-
-人工岬灣形成條件之初步探討陳信宏; Chen, Hsin-Hung-
-人工砂洲的變遷及波流場變化之研究蔡清標; 陳鴻彬-
-以徑向基函數類神經網路預測暴風型海灘斷面特性黃正同; Huang, Cheng-Tung-
-以類神經網路預測斜面海堤越波量之研究Lee, Yi-Ting; 李宜庭-
-以類神經網路預測淡水河口暴潮偏差之研究游智宇; You, Chih-Yu-
-以類神經網路預測直立堤波浪越波量之研究何俊燐; Ho, Chuen-Lin-