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-Engraftment of Embryonic Stem Cells-Derived Cerebellar Purkinje Precursors into SCA3 Transgenic Mice蘇鴻麟; 蔡崇豪-
-Enhancement of regeneration with glia cell line-derived neurotrophic factor-transduced human amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cells after sciatic nerve crush injury Laboratory investigationCheng, F.C.; 蘇鴻麟; Tai, M.H.; Sheu, M.L.; Chen, C.J.; Yang, D.Y.; Su, H.L.; Ho, S.P.; Lai, S.Z.; Pan, H.C.; 何素鵬; 許美鈴-
-Evaluation on Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of the Exfoliated Silicate Nanoclay蘇鴻麟; Li, P.R.; Wei, J.C.; Chiu, Y.F.; Su, H.L.; Peng, F.C.; Lin, J.J.-
-Evolution of infectious bronchitis virus in Taiwan: Characterisation of RNA recombination in the nucleocapsid gene蘇鴻麟; Kuo, S.M.; Wang, C.H.; Hou, M.H.; Huang, Y.P.; Kao, H.W.; Su, H.L.-
-Gefitinib誘發神經膠細胞瘤細胞凋亡機制探討張正一; Chang, Cheng-Yi-
-The infection of primary avian tracheal epithelial cells with infectious bronchitis virusShen, C.I.; 蘇鴻麟; Wang, C.H.; Liao, J.W.; Hsu, T.W.; Kuo, S.M.; Su, H.L.; 廖俊旺-
-Inhibition of Bacterial Growth by the Exfoliated Clays and Observation of Physical Capturing Mechanism蘇鴻麟; Wei, J.C.; Yen, Y.T.; Su, H.L.; Lin, J.J.-
-Japanese encephalitis virus infection activates caspase-8 and-9 in a FADD-independent and mitochondrion-dependent manner蘇鴻麟; Tsao, C.H.; Su, H.L.; Lin, Y.L.; Yu, H.P.; Kuo, S.M.; Shen, C.I.; Chen, C.W.; Liao, C.L.-
-Late administration of high-frequency electrical stimulation increases nerve regeneration without aggravating neuropathic pain in a nerve crush injurySu, Hong-Lin; 蘇鴻麟; Chiang, Chien-Yi; Lu, Zong-Han; Cheng, Fu-Chou; Chen, Chun-Jung; Sheu, Meei-Ling; Sheehan, Jason; Pan, Hung-Chuan
-Magnesium supplement promotes sciatic nerve regeneration and down-regulates inflammatory responsePan, H.C.; 蘇鴻麟; Sheu, M.L.; Su, H.L.; Chen, Y.J.; Chen, C.J.; Yang, D.Y.; Chiu, W.T.; Cheng, F.C.; 許美鈴-
-n-butylidenephthalide減少唐氏症誘導萬能幹細胞分化之神經細胞的類阿茲海默症病徵張嘉佑; Chia-Yu Chang
-Non-Canonical Regulation of Type I Collagen through Promoter Binding of SOX2 and Its Contribution to Ameliorating Pulmonary Fibrosis by ButylidenephthalideChuang, Hong-Meng; Ho, Li-Ing; Huang, Mao-Hsuan; Huang, Kun-Lun; Chiou, Tzyy-Wen; Lin, Shinn-Zong; Su, Hong-Lin; 蘇鴻麟; Harn, Horng-Jyh
-Quantitative evaluation of motor function before and after engraftment of dopaminergic neurons in a rat model of Parkinson's disease蘇鴻麟; Chuang, C.S.; Su, H.L.; Cheng, F.C.; Hsu, S.H.; Chuang, C.F.; Liu, C.S.-
-The regulation of the gap junction of human mesenchymal stem cells through the internalization of quantum dotsChang, J.C.; 徐善慧; Hsu, S.H.; Su, H.L.; 蘇鴻麟-
-The signals of FGFs on the neurogenesis of embryonic stem cells蘇鴻麟; Chen, C.W.; Liu, C.S.; Chiu, I.M.; Shen, S.C.; Pan, H.C.; Lee, K.H.; Lin, S.Z.; Su, H.L.-
-The use of peptide-delivery to protect human adipose-derived adult stem cells from damage caused by the internalization of quantum dotsChang, J.C.; 徐善慧; Su, H.L.; Hsu, S.H.; 蘇鴻麟-
-人類胚胎幹細胞與胰蛋白&;#37238;篩選之人類胚胎幹細胞亞群間基因表現差異丁筱茜; Ting, Hsiao-Chien-
-人類胚胎幹細胞與胰蛋白酶篩選之人類胚胎幹細胞亞群間基因表現差異丁筱茜; Ting, Hsiao-Chien-
-人類臍帶幹細胞中酪胺酸激酶相關之細胞生長與肌動蛋白調控蛋白相關性之探討李瑞祐; Li, Rui-You-
-以 MultiGateway 系統以及 BAC 構築載體並建立 sox-1 knock-in及轉基因之人類胚幹細胞株張嘉佑; Chang, Chia-Yu-