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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Hydraulic analysis of a 2-D water flow down a slope徐培原; Pei-Yuan Hsu
-Hydraulic Analysis of Flow Passing Vegetative Ground許煜聖; Shiu, Yu-Sheng-
-Hydraulic analysis of overland flowDing-you Wang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 王鼎佑; 謝平城
-Hydraulic Analysis of Pervious Pavement of a HighwayChen, You-Cheng; 陳右錚-
-Hydraulic Analysis of Water Flow in a Closed Conduit with SuctionPei-Yuan Hsu; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 徐培原; 謝平城
-Hydraulic Analysis of Water Flow Passing Over Vegetated Areas with Finite Thick Soil Layers under Uniform Rainfall胡秀怡; Hu, Siou-Yi; 謝平城; Hsieh, Ping-Cheng
-Investigation of improving policy on mountain area inundated problem-Toushe Living Basin in Yuchih Township Nantou County as an example王淑英; Wang, Shu-Ying-
-Laminar surface water flow over vegetated groundHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Bolton, S.-
-Laminar water wave and current passing over porous bedHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Dai, H.H.; Huang, L.H.-
-Modeling of Granular Debris Flow Using Discontinuous Deformation Analysis蕭沛佳; Hsiao, Pei-Chia-
-Oblique impact of water waves on thin porous wallsHsu, H.J.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.-
-A re-investigation of the low Reynolds number uniform flow past a porous spherical shellHsu, H.J.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.-
-Soil and Water Conservation Area Determination and Management of Keelung Uhrshawan Historic Site趙曉民; Hsiao-Min Chao
-Study of combining HEC-RAS model with GIS on flood simulation-Fra-tuz creek as an example陳瑞宗; Chen, Jui-Tsung-
-A Study on the Characteristics of Land Subsidence and Variation of Groundwater Level ―A Case on PKGM GPS Tracking StationSheu, Huey-Jen; 許惠珍-
-Study on The Detention Effect of The Consecutive Detention PondLin, Yiou-De; 林祐德-
-Study on the numerical model with nonlinear and transient moving boundaryYan-Chi Chen; Chih-Hua Chang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 陳彥錡; 張志華; 謝平城
-Transient deformation of a poroelastic channel bedHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Shih, W.P.; Huang, L.H.-
-Velocity Analysis of Flow Passing over a Vegetated SlopeChing-Ya Tang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 唐靖雅; 謝平城
-A viscoelastic model for the dynamic response of soils to periodical surface water disturbanceHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城-