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-Discovering frequent itemsets over transactional data streams through an efficient and stable approximate approachJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Li, C.W.-
-An efficient and flexible algorithm for online mining of large itemsetsJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chang, M.Y.; Lin, K.C.-
-An Energy-Saving Data Broadcast Mechanism Based on Location Prediction for Mobile Databases with Skewed Access Frequency賈坤芳-
-A high concurrency XPath-based locking protocol for XML databasesJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chen, S.Y.-
-ILP:分散式系統之複版控制協定王偉筠 ; Wang, Wei-Yun -
-Implementation of an Automation System for Relational Database Design (II)賈坤芳-
-A linearly convergent method for broadcast data allocationJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Wang, J.Y.; Chen, S.Y.-
-Mining Frequent Patterns Effectively from Concept-Drifting Data Streams Using a Count Approximation Based Method賈坤芳-
-A near-optimal database allocation for reducing the average waiting time in the grid computing environmentWang, J.Y.; 賈坤芳; Jea, K.F.-
-RFID交互驗證機制之改善張軫益; Chang, Chen-Yi-
-RFID授權協定之安全性改善黃健城; Huang, Chien-Cheng-
-RFID系統之可靠性分析與改善可靠性之方法王俊賢 ; Wang, Chun Hsien -
-A Semantic-Based Protocol for Concurrency Control in DOM Database SystemsJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chang, T.P.; Chen, S.Y.-
-A Sliding-Window-Based Data-Stream Mining System for Discovering Frequent Patterns Using Combinatorial Approximate Theory賈坤芳-
-A Streaming XML Document Query Processing System for Wireless Broadcasting Environments賈坤芳-
-A Study on the Improvement of Access Time for the Prediction-Based Broadcast Mechanism in Mobile Databases賈坤芳-
-A Top-Down Mining Algorithm for Discovering Hybrid Sequential Patterns林克仲 ; Lin, Ke Chung -
-A Version Control Mechanism to Support Object Versions and Concurrency Control for OODBMS賈坤芳-
-Weil/Tate Pairing計算的快速演算法劉兆樑 ; Liu, Chao-Liang -