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-A novel approach for quantitative peptides analysis by selected electron transfer reaction monitoringWei, B.Y.; 賴建成; Juang, Y.M.; Lai, C.C.-
-Nuclear ErbB2 Enhances Translation and Cell Growth by Activating Transcription of Ribosomal RNA GenesLi, L.Y.; 賴建成; Chen, H.Y.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Wang, Y.N.; Chu, H.J.; Chen, Y.H.; Chien, P.J.; Ma, H.T.; Tsai, H.C.; Lai, C.C.; Sher, Y.P.; Lien, H.C.; Tsai, C.H.; Hung, M.C.-
-Parking and restarting a molecular shuttle in situChen, N.C.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Phosphorylation of ARD1 by IKK beta contributes to its destabilization and degradationKuo, H.P.; 賴建成; Lee, D.F.; Xia, W.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Li, L.Y.; Hung, M.C.-
-Proteomic analysis of chondrocytes exposed to pressureJuang, Y.M.; 賴建成; Lee, C.Y.; Hsu, W.Y.; Lin, C.T.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Proteomic Analysis of Glutinous Rice and Improvement of Mass Spectrometric Approach for Identification of Phosphopeptides劉志偉; Liu, Chih-Wei-
-Proteomic analysis of leafhopper-responsive proteins in leaves of Taiwan oolong tea 'Oriental Beauty'宋佩芩; Pei-Chien Sung
-Proteomic analysis of up-regulated proteins in human promonocyte cells expressing severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3C-like proteaseLai, C.C.; 賴建成; Jou, M.J.; Huang, S.A.Y.; Li, S.W.; Wan, L.; Tsai, F.J.; Lin, C.W.-
-Purification and Characterization of a New Rhizopuspepsin from Rhizopus oryzae NBRC 4749Chen, C.C.; 賴建成; Cho, Y.C.; Lai, C.C.; Hsu, W.H.; 許文輝-
-QuEChERS萃取技術結合液相層析串聯質譜術於穀類產品中真菌毒素之分析尤品人; Yu, Pin-Jen-
-A Radiate Microstructure MALDI Chip for Sample Concentration and DetectionChen, S.Y.; 賴建成; Li, K.I.; Yu, C.S.; Wang, J.S.; Hu, Y.C.; Lai, C.C.-
-Rapid Analysis and Quantification of Polyphenol Compounds Using Graphene-based Sponge賴柔伶; Jo-Lene Lai
-Rapid screening assay of trimethylaminuria in urine with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometryHsu, W.Y.; 賴建成; Lo, W.Y.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, Y.; Lin, W.D.; Chao, M.C.-
-Reading the operation of an acid/base-controllable molecular switch by naked eyeCheng, K.W.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Chiang, P.T.; Chiu, S.H.-
-S100A8 is identified as a biomarker of HPV18-infected oral squamous cell carcinomas by suppression subtraction hybridization, clinical proteomics analysis, and immunohistochemistry stainingLo, W.Y.; 賴建成; Lai, C.C.; Hua, C.H.; Tsai, M.H.; Huang, S.Y.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Screening Assay of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids in Human Plasma with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Based Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass SpectrometryHsu, W.Y.; 賴建成; Lin, W.D.; Hwu, W.L.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.-
-Simultaneous Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Cyclic Peptides by CID and ETD Based MS/MS Fragmentation阮馨平; Sin-Ping Ruan
-Solvent-free synthesis of the smallest rotaxane prepared to dateHsu, C.C.; 賴建成; Chen, N.C.; Lai, C.C.; Liu, Y.H.; Peng, S.M.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Structural and Functional Studies of Protein Acetyltransferases from Sulfolobus solfataricus卓慶昌; Cho, Ching-Chang-
-Subunit 6 of the COP9 signalosome promotes tumorigenesis in mice through stabilization of MDM2 and is upregulated in human cancersZhao, R.Y.; 賴建成; Yeung, S.C.J.; Chen, J.A.; Iwakuma, T.; Su, C.H.; Chen, B.; Qu, C.J.; Zhang, F.M.; Chen, Y.T.; Lin, Y.L.; Lee, D.F.; Jin, F.; Zhu, R.; Shaikenov, T.; Sarbassov, D.; Sahin, A.; Wang, H.M.; Wang, H.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.; Lozano, G.; Lee, M.H.-