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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Assessing and Managing Cloud Government Service User Satisfaction蕭慣榆; Kuan-Yu Hsiao
-Assessing and managing employees for embracing change: A multiple-item scale to measure employee readiness for e-business賴榮裕; Lai, J.Y.; Ong, C.S.-
-Assessment of employees' perceptions of service quality and satisfaction with e-business賴榮裕; Lai, J.Y.-
-The Driving Factors of Key Value Influence Online B2B Banking Satisfaction宋佩昱; Pei-Yu Sung
-Effects of employees' perceived dependability on success of enterprise applications in e-businessLai, J.Y.; 賴榮裕; Yang, C.C.-
-Exploring the impacts of perceived e-collaboration service convenience on new product development in Taiwanese IC design companies賴榮裕; Jung-Yu Lai; Juite Wang-
-How knowledge map fit and personalization affect success of KMS in high-tech firmsLai, J.Y.; 賴榮裕; Wang, C.T.; Chou, C.Y.-
-How Reward, Computer Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Power Security Affect Knowledge Management Systems Success: An Empirical Investigation in High-Tech Companies賴榮裕; Lai, J.Y.-
-The Impact of Mobile Advertising on Strengthening the Relationship Quality with Customers何彥禛; Yen-Chen Ho
-Impacts of Hedonic and Utilitarian Values on Customer Loyalty with Mobile Music Streaming Services陳偉豪; Wei-Hao Chen
-Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Shopping User Interface using Quality Function Development劉芷吟; Chih-Yin Liu
-Index Portfolio Construction Based on Fuzzy Goal Programming蔡宜璋; Tsai, Yi-Jhang-
-The Influence of Employees'' Satisfaction after Organizational Change Based on the Critical Perspective: A Case of Company M吳珊珊; Wu, Shan-Shan-
-An investigation of consumers' attitudes towards NFC mobile payment service林恒斌; Heng-Bin Lin
-Key Design Factors for Increasing Customer Loyalty, Satisfaction, and Recommendation of Mobile Games: A Flow State Model Framework廖仲強; Chung-Chiang Liao
-Measuring e-business dependability: The employee perspectiveLai, J.Y.; 賴榮裕; Chen, W.H.-
-Service innovation readiness: knowledge-based capital and service innovation performance李哲林; Lin-Chen Lee
-A Study of Confidence-Based Learning for Simulation-Based Knowledge Assessment侯昰佑; Hou, Shi-You-
-The Use of Kano Model and IPA in Identifying Cloud Healthcare Service Quality for Taiwanese People's Needs賴冠宇; Kuan-Yu Lai
-User attitudes toward dedicated e-book readers for reading The effects of convenience, compatibility and media richnessLai, J.Y.; 賴榮裕; Chang, C.Y.-