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-Antimicrobial activities of tapioca starch/decolorized hsian-tsao leaf gum coatings containing green tea extracts in fruit-based salads, romaine hearts and pork slicesChiu, P.E.; 賴麗旭; Lai, L.S.-
-Application of decolourised hsian-tsao leaf gum to low-fat salad dressing model emulsions: a rheological studyLai, L.S.; 賴麗旭; Lin, P.H.-
-Application of hsian-tsao leaf gum, xanthan gum and locust bean gum to starch pearl model systems葉長盛; Yeh, Chang-Sheng-
-Catalytic characteristics of peroxidase from wheat grassLai, L.S.; 賴麗旭; Wang, D.J.; Chang, C.T.; Wang, C.H.-
-Degradation of carbofuran in water by solar photocatalysis in presence of photosensitizersKuo, W.S.; 賴麗旭; Chiang, Y.H.; Lai, L.S.-
-Effect of allantoin addition and crosslinking treatment on the properties of plant polysaccharide/chitosan bioscaffoldsHsin-Lan Chang; 張欣嵐
-Effect of decolorized hsian-tsao leaf gum on the physical properties of tapioca starch-based edible films陳健賢; Chen, Chien-Hsien-
-Effect of different surfactant on physical properties of tapioca starch/decolorized hsian-tsao leaf gum (dHG) edible filmsWu, Wan-Yu; 吳宛諭-
-Effect of enzyme-assisted extraction in combination of ultrasound treatment on the physicochemical properties of mucilage from the fronds of Asplenium australasicum (J. Sm.) HookChia-Fang Chiang; 江佳芳
-Effect of heat-moisture treatments on the digestibility and physicochemical properties of Tainung No.57 and Tainung No.66 sweet potato starchesHsin-Yi Chi; 紀欣儀
-Effect of oligosaccharide or sugar alcohol addition on the physicochemical properties of shaddock jam and their effect on the glycemic index of healthy adultsTung, Shu-Yuan; 童姝姮-
-Effect of salts on the rheology of hydrocolloids from mulberry (Morus alba L.) leaves in concentrated domainLin, H.Y.; 賴麗旭; Tsai, J.C.; Lai, L.S.-
-Effect of structural modification on the physicochemical properties of Asplenium australasicum mucilage and evaluation for its applications of extracts in cosmetic systemsWen-Wen Zeng; 曾汶雯
-Effect of surfactants on water barrier and physical properties of tapioca starch/decolorized hsian-tsao leaf gum filmsChen, C.H.; 賴麗旭; Kuo, W.S.; Lai, L.S.-
-Effect of Types of Plasticizer and Starch on the Physical Properties of Sugary Kefir Polysaccharide/Starch Edible FilmsYen-Hsun Lu; 呂彥勳
-Effects of rice varieties and substitute ratio on the quality of steamed breadChun-Jung Chen; 陳春容
-Influence of Dietary Oatmeal Supplementation on the Defecation Status in Elderly Living in a Long-term Care InstitutionYin-Fen Huang; 黃瀅芬
-Isolation and characterization of superoxide dismutase from wheat seedlingsLai, L.S.; 賴麗旭; Chang, P.C.; Chano, C.T.-
-Isolation and viscometric characterization of hydrocolloids from mulberry (Morus alba L.) leavesLin, H.Y.; 賴麗旭; Lai, L.S.-
-Lactobacillus reuteri 冷凍耐受性提升的探討: 細胞微膠囊化及海藻糖添加的利用徐亞莉; Hsu, Ya-Li-