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-In situ Raman spectroscopy of supported transition metal oxide catalysts: O-18(2)-O-16(2) isotopic labeling studiesWeckhuysen, B.M.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Wachs, I.E.-
-In situ UV-vis-NIR diffuse reflectance and Raman spectroscopic studies of propane oxidation over ZrO2-supported vanadium oxide catalystsGao, X.T.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Wachs, I.E.-
-Influence of secondary metal oxide additives on molecular structure and reactivity of V2O5/SnO2/SiO2 catalysts during methanol oxidationJehng, J.M.; 鄭紀民; Chen, S.C.; Liu, Y.C.-
-Intermetallic catalyst for carbon nanotubes (CNTs) growth by thermal chemical vapor deposition methodChen, C.M.; 鄭紀民; Dai, Y.M.; Huang, J.G.; Jehng, J.M.-
-Investigation of methane conversion to benzene over Mo/ZSM-5 catalysts with operando molecular spectroscopy and DFT calculationsJehng, J.M.; 鄭紀民; Gao, J.; Podkolzin, S.G.; Wachs, I.E.-
-Molecular structure and reactivity of the Group V metal oxidesWachs, I.E.; 鄭紀民; Chen, Y.; Jehng, J.M.; Briand, L.E.; Tanaka, T.-
-Molecular structure and reactivity of the group V metal oxidesWachs, I.E.; 鄭紀民; Briand, L.E.; Jehng, J.M.; Burcham, L.; Gao, X.T.-
-Ni/ZSM-5 觸媒在光催化二氧化碳還原生成甲醇之應用陳郁婷; Yu-Ting Chen
-Novel Metallosilicate Catalysts for Carbon Nanotube Growth郭朝皓-
-Novel Metallosilicate Catalysts for Propane Oxidation顏維廷; Yen, Wei-Ting-
-Oxidation of Propane over The Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts鄭樵陽; Cheng, Chiao -Yang-
-Oxidation of Propane over Transition Metallic Oxide Catalysts Supported on Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes吳健偉; Wu, Cheng-Wei-
-Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over Cr2O3/Al2O3 and Cr2O3 catalysts: effects of loading, precursor and surface areaCherian, M.; 鄭紀民; Rao, M.S.; Yang, W.T.; Jehng, H.M.; Hirt, A.M.; Deo, G.-
-PETR 57-Oxidation catalysis over the nanosupported metal oxide catalystsJehng, J.M.; 鄭紀民; Pan, T.C.; Wachs, I.E.-
-Quantitative determination of the number of surface active sites and the turnover frequency for methanol oxidation over bulk metal vanadatesBriand, L.E.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Cornaglia, L.; Hirt, A.M.; Wachs, I.E.-
-The selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen monoxide over the metallosilicate catalyst張育陞-
-The selective catalytic reduction of NO with hydrocarbons over metal-zeolite catalysts王逸龍; Wang, Yi-Long-
-The selective catalytic reduction of NO with hydrocarbons over Pt on metal-zeolite catalysts林建樺; Lin, Chien-Hua-
-Selective catalytic reduction of no with propane on Co-, and Zn-ZSM5Wang, K.H.; 鄭紀民; Jehng, J.M.; Wang, Y.L.-
-Structural characteristics and reactivity properties of the tantalum modified mesoporous silicalite (MCM-41) catalystsJehng, J.M.; 鄭紀民; Tung, W.C.; Huang, C.H.; Wachs, I.E.-