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-Magic + Realism: The Tribal Imagination in Louise Erdrich's Novels.阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan
-Narrative vs. Narrative in D. M. Thomas's The White Hotel阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-Negotiating the Modern, the Postmodern, and Narrative阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-Re-Enchanting the Cosmos: Simon Ortiz, Susan Power, and Countering Dominant Scientific Narratives阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-The Real of Nature and the Cultural Imaginary: A Reflection on Human Relationship with Nature in Louise Erdrich's Tracks阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan
-Reenchanting a World Disenchanted: The Mythopoetic Vision in Scott Momaday's House Made of Dawn阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-Remembering Chi-chi Earthquake in Taiwan: From Grand Narratives to Little Narratives阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-Screening Shakespeare: From History-Making to Cinematic Fantasy吳新發; 阮秀莉-
-Self and Other: Rethinking Women's Voice in the Context of Bakhtin's Heteroglossia and Dialogism阮秀莉
-TEK and Native American Literary/Cultural Studies: Indigeneity in Gorden Henry's "The Light People"阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-The Tribal Ways Re-Imagined-Renovation of Nature Writing and Oral Tradition in Contemporary Native American Literature (I)阮秀莉-
-Unveiling the American Magic of Culture:Postmodern Culture and Its Impact on the Postmodern Subjects in Don DeLillo's White NoiseLuo, Peter Jen-jiunn; 羅仁竣-
-Writing Nature in Exile: Poetics of Exile in Linda Hogan's Solar Storms.阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-三面馬克白,多重莎士比亞:威爾斯、馬克白和波蘭斯基的馬克白電影阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-下大雨的時候孩子在那裡阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-(中外文學第18卷第8期,p167-p172)既被視為女兒阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-(中外文學第18卷第8期,p167-p172)既被視為女兒阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-(中外文學第25卷第5期,p030-p043)敘述和記憶/遺忘:從D. M. Thomas的《白色旅館》論書寫猶太人的問題阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan
-(中外文學第25卷第5期,p030-p043)敘述和記憶/遺忘:從D. M. Thomas的《白色旅館》論書寫猶太人的問題阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan-
-(中外文學第26卷第7期,p021-p042)「溢出的秘密」:從約瑟夫‧海勒的 Catch-22 談「幾乎看見」的後現代認知與倫理阮秀莉; Hsiu-Li Juan