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-The Use of a Hydrological Catchment Model to Determine the Occurrence of Temporal Creeping in Deep-seated LandslidesSheng-En Lin; Ya-Hsin Chan; Chih-Yu Kuo; Rou-Fei Chen; Ya-Ju Hsu; Kuo-Jen Chang; Shin-Ping Lee; Ruo-Ying Wu; Ching-Weei Lin; 林聖恩; 詹雅馨; 郭志禹; 陳柔妃; 許雅儒; 張國楨; 李心平; 吳若穎; 林慶偉
-應用崩塌體積與最小平滑曲面法建構三維深層崩塌之近似破壞面郭志禹; 詹雅馨; 蔡碧紋; 陳柔妃; 戴義欽; 林慶偉; Chih-Yu Kuo; Ya-Hsin Chan; Pi-Wen Tsai; Rou-Fei Chen; Yih-Chin Tai; Ching-Weei Lin