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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-A Design of Leisure Participation Information Service Model for the Elderly江學明; Hsueh-Ming Chiang
-A Design of Tablet Application for Sales Person to Enhance Relationship Marketing Abilities沈慧翰; Hui-Han Shen
-A Design of Tablet-Based Conference Supporting System for Improving Q&A Efficiency and Quality楊子毅; Tzu-Yi Yang
-A Fair-use DRM System based on Web ServiceYu-Yi Chen; Yao-Jen Wang; Cheng-Jie Chen
-(International Journal of Computer Systems Science & Engineering, 17(4):211-219)A Secure Anonymous Voting Protocol with a Complete SupervisionJinn-Ke Jan-
-(International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC):1243-1251)Group-based Authentication to Protect Digital Content for Business ApplicationsChin-Ling Chen; Yi-Hwa Chen-
-(Journal of Computers, 19(1):039-048)A Secure and Private LBS Protocol on Mobile Communication NetworkShin-Yi Hsiao-
-A Mobile Recommender Service and System Implementation for Clothes Shops林庭瑜; Ting-Yu Lin
-A Novel Method to Authenticate a Public Terminal (Kiosk) before a TransactionJinn-Ke Jan; Yu-Yi Chen; Chin-Ling Chen-
-Office自動化與知識工作專家, p.p.706陳育毅-
-(Proceedings of the IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, p180-p189)The Design of Protocol for e-Voting on the InternetJinn-Ke Jan; Yu-Yi Chen; Yi Lin
-(Proceedings of the International Conference on Communications & Broadband Networking, (Sect III)p001-p009)A Realistic Secure Anonymous E-Voting Protocol based on the ElGamal SchemeJinn-Ke Jan; Yu-Yi Chen; Chin-Ling Chen-
-RFID系統不同權限讀取器的安全存取控制協定陳育毅; 曾燕芬-
-A Study of Custom Panoramas Walkthrough System and Route Direction Mobile App陳子儀; Tzu-Yi Chen
-The Study of Housing Rental Service Model Base on Consideration of Commuting Time吳羽姍; Yu-Shan Wu
-A Study of Mobile Tour Guide System for Specific Zones馬勝敏; MA NAY KYAR MYO LWIN
-UNIX系統教育管理實務, p.p.800陳育毅; 陳育祺-
-(Wireless Personal Communications, 40(4):569-578)A Mobile Ticket System Based on Personal Trusted DeviceChin-Ling Chen; Jinn-Ke Jan
-(Wireless Personal Communications, 49(4):475-485)A Non-repudiated Self-Service Store System Based on Portable Trusted DeviceChin-Ling Chen
-(WSEAS Transactions on Computers, 07(8):1149-1158)Anti-counterfeit Ownership Transfer Protocol for Low Cost RFID SystemChin-Ling Chen; Yu-Cheng Huang; Chen-Shen Liu; Chia-I Lin; Tzay-Farn Shih-