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-Influence of processing conditions on isoflavones content of soybean productsYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Kao, C.H.-
-Inhibition and mechanism of the invasion and metastasis in human hepatoma cells by Ganoderma lucidum and its bioactive components in cells and animal modelsWeng, Chia-Jui; 翁家瑞-
-Inhibition of reactive nitrogen species effects in vitro and in vivo by isoflavones and soy-based food extractsYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lai, H.H.-
-Inhibition+of+advanced+glycation+endproduct+formation+by+foodstuffs顏國欽; Wu, C.H.; Huang, S.M.; Lin, J.A.; Yen, G.C.-
-Inhibitory effect of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. on oxidative DNA damage in lymphocytes induced by H2O2Yen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Hsieh, C.L.-
-Inhibitory Effect of Mesona Procumbens on Hepatic Fibrosis in Rats顏國欽-
-Inhibitory effect of naturally occurring flavonoids on in vitro advanced glycation end-product formationYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Wu, C.H.-
-Inhibitory effect of naturally occurring flavonoids on the formation of advanced glycation endproductsWu, C.H.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
-Inhibitory effect of naturally occurring polyphenolic antioxidants on adipocytes and their molecular mechanisms徐慶琳; Hsu, Chin-Lin-
-Inhibitory effect of phenolic acids on the proliferation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes in relation to their antioxidant activityHsu, C.L.; 顏國欽; Huang, S.L.; Yen, G.C.-
-Inhibitory effect of vanillic acid on methylglyoxal-mediated glycation in apoptotic Neuro-2A cellsHuang, S.M.; 顏國欽; Hsu, C.L.; Chuang, H.C.; Shih, P.H.; Wu, C.H.; Yen, G.C.-
-Inhibitory effects of Du-zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.) against low-density lipoprotein oxidative modificationYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Hsieh, C.L.-
-Inhibitory Effects of Ganoderma lucidum on Tumorigenesis and Metastasis of Human Hepatoma Cells in Cells and Animal ModelsWeng, C.J.; 顏國欽; Chau, C.F.; Yen, G.C.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, D.H.; Chen, K.D.; 周志輝; 廖俊旺-
-Inhibitory effects of garcinol and pterostilbene on cell proliferation and adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 cellsHsu, C.L.; 顏國欽; Lin, Y.J.; Ho, C.T.; Yen, G.C.-
-Inhibitory effects of isoflavones on nitric oxide- or peroxynitrite-mediated DNA damage in raw 264.7 cells and phi x174 DNAYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lai, H.H.-
-Inhibitory effects of isoflavones on nitric oxide- or peroxynitrite-mediated DNA damage in RAW 264.7 cells and phi X174 DNAYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lai, H.H.-
-Inhibitory effects of Phyllanthus emblica L. on hepatic steatosis and liver fibrosis in vitroChi-Cheng Lu; 顏國欽; Shu-Han Yang; Shih-Min Hsia; Chi-Hao Wu; Gow-Chin Yen
-Investigation on the lipid- and cholesterol-lowering abilities of biocelluloseChau, C.F.; 顏國欽; Yang, P.; Yu, C.M.; Yen, G.C.; 周志輝-
-Involvement of p38 MAPK and Nrf2 in phenolic acid-induced P-form phenol sulfotransferase expression in human hepatoma HepG(2) cellsYeh, C.T.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
-Isolation and characterization of antioxidant compounds from Aspergillus candidus broth filtrateYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Chang, Y.C.; Sheu, F.; Chiang, H.C.-