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-Hepatic protection and antioxidant aciton of water extracts of Du-Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.) leaves and Cassia tora L. against CCl4-induced hepatic damage in Rats洪銘育; Hung, Ming-yu-
-Hepatoprotection of quercetin against oxidative stress by induction of metallothionein expression through activating MAPK and PI3K pathways and enhancing Nrf2 DNA-binding activityWeng, C.J.; 顏國欽; Chen, M.J.; Yeh, C.T.; Yen, G.C.-
-Hepatoprotection of tea seed oil (Camellia oleifera Abel.) against CCl4-induced oxidative damage in ratsLee, C.P.; 顏國欽; Shih, P.H.; Hsu, C.L.; Yen, G.C.-
-High pressure and heat treatments effects on pectic substances in guava juiceYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lin, H.T.-
-HMGB1 對於攝護腺癌細胞上皮間質轉化過程之調控及甘草甜素回復 E-cadherin 之潛力張珩毓; Heng-Yu Chang
-Hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens Heml.) prevents against rat liver fibrosis induced by CCl(4) via inhibition of hepatic stellate cells activationShyu, M.H.; 顏國欽; Kao, T.C.; Yen, G.C.-
-Identification of an antioxidant, ethyl protocatechuate, in peanut seed testaHuang, S.C.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.; Chang, L.W.; Yen, W.J.; Duh, P.D.-
-Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects of camellia oilChia-Ying Lin; 林佳瑩
-The in vitro and in vivo experimental evidences disclose the chemopreventive effects of Ganoderma lucidum on cancer invasion and metastasisWeng, C.J.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
-Inducing gene expression of cardiac antioxidant enzymes by dietary phenolic acids in ratsYeh, C.T.; 顏國欽; Ching, L.C.; Yen, G.C.-
-Induction of apoptosis by the anthocyanidins through regulation of Bcl-2 gene and activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase cascade in hepatoma cellsYeh, C.T.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
-Induction of apoptosis by the Lactuca indica L. In human leukemia cell line and its active componentsChen, Y.H.; 顏國欽; Chen, H.Y.; Hsu, C.L.; Yen, G.C.-
-Induction of apoptosis in human hepatoma cells by mycelia of Antrodia camphorata in submerged cultureSong, T.Y.; 顏國欽; Hsu, S.L.; Yen, G.C.-
-Induction of cell apoptosis in 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes by flavonoids is associated with their antioxidant activityHsu, C.L.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
-Induction of hepatic antioxidant enzymes by phenolic acids in rats is accompanied by increased levels of multidrug resistance-associated protein 3 mRNA expressionYeh, C.T.; 顏國欽; Yen, G.C.-
-Induction of phenolsulfotransferase expression by phenolic acids in human hepatoma HepG(2) cellsYeh, C.T.; 顏國欽; Huang, S.M.; Yen, G.C.-
-Influence of frozen conditions of guava puree on the quality of guava juiceHUANG, CHERNG-JIA; 黃成家-
-Influence of processing conditions on isoflavones content of soybean productsYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Kao, C.H.-
-Inhibition and mechanism of the invasion and metastasis in human hepatoma cells by Ganoderma lucidum and its bioactive components in cells and animal modelsWeng, Chia-Jui; 翁家瑞-
-Inhibition of reactive nitrogen species effects in vitro and in vivo by isoflavones and soy-based food extractsYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Lai, H.H.-