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-26S蛋白解體次單元之交互作用謝宏政; Hsieh, Hungcheng-
-Control of Non-Energy-Conversing Bypass By Alternative Oxidase (AOX) and Uncoupling Protein (UCP) in Plant Mitochondria簡麗鳳; 顏宏真-
-E3 ubiquitin ligase mcCPN1參與耐鹽植物冰花鈉鉀離子平衡機制顏宏真-
-Early salt stress effects on the changes in chemical composition in leaves of ice plant and Arabidopsis. A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy studyYang, J.; 顏宏真; Yen, H.E.; 楊吉斯-
-Effect of high salinity on tracheary element differentiation in light-grown callus of Mesembryanthemum crystallinumYen, H.C.E.; 顏宏真; Yen, S.K.-
-Environmental and developmental regulation of the wound-induced cell wall protein WI12 in the halophyte ice plant顏宏真; Yen, S.K.; Chung, M.C.; Chen, P.C.; Yen, H.E.-
-Functional characterization of ice plant SKD1, an AAA-type ATPase associated with the endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi network, and its role in adaptation to salt stress顏宏真; Jou, Y.; Chiang, C.P.; Jauh, G.Y.; Yen, H.E.-
-Identification of Ice Plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.) MicroRNAs Using RNA-Seq and Their Putative Roles in High Salinity Responses in SeedlingsChiang, Chih-Pin; Yim, Won C; Sun, Ying-Hsuan; Ohnishi, Miwa; Mimura, Tetsuro; Cushman, John C; Yen, Hungchen E; 顏宏真
-Investigation of Carbofuran Resistance of Chilo suppressalis in TaiwanCheng, Xuan; 鄭軒-
-Isolation of 3 salt-induced low-abundance cDNAs from light-grown callus of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum by suppression subtractive hybridizationYen, H.E.; 顏宏真; Wu, S.M.; Hung, Y.H.; Yen, S.K.-
-Physiological Induction and Characterization of Rice Genes Expressed during Embryogenesis(I)顏宏真-
-Prodiginines 抑癌活性與機制之探討何杏棻; Ho, Tsing-Fen-
-Reduced expression of a vesicle trafficking-related ATPase SKD1 decreases salt tolerance in ArabidopsisHo, L.W.; 顏宏真; Yang, T.T.; Shieh, S.S.; Edwards, G.E.; Yen, H.E.-
-Screening of cDNAs Associated with Cellular Salt-Tolerant Mechanism in the Halophyte Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum顏宏真-
-Sugar uptake by photomixotrophic soybean suspension culturesYen, H.E.; 顏宏真; Chen, Y.C.; Yen, S.K.; Lin, J.H.-
-Tissue-specific expression and functional complementation of a yeast potassium-uptake mutant by a salt-induced ice plant gene mcSKD1顏宏真; Jou, Y.; Chou, P.H.; He, M.C.; Hung, Y.H.; Yen, H.C.E.-
-Undecylprodigiosin selectively induces apoptosis in human breast carcinoma cells independent of p53Ho, T.F.; 顏宏真; Ma, C.J.; Lu, C.H.; Tsai, Y.T.; Wei, Y.H.; Chang, J.S.; La, J.K.; Cheuh, P.J.; Yeh, C.T.; Tang, P.C.; Chang, J.H.T.; Ko, J.L.; Liu, F.S.; Yen, H.C.E.; Chang, C.C.; 闕斌如; 張嘉哲; 唐品琦-
-Vacuolar acidity, protein profile, and crystal composition of epidermal bladder cells of the halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinumJou, Y.; 顏宏真; Wang, Y.L.; Yen, H.C.E.-
-Xanthomonas campestris pv.campestris未知功能蛋白XC1692/XC1691複合物的晶體結構及功能分析黃照煒; Huang, Chao-Wei-
-以蛋白質交互作用分析耐鹽植物冰花腎形細胞累積耐鹽相關mcSKD1蛋白及其參與之高等植物耐鹽機制周映孜; Jou, YingTzy-