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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Effects of the Environmental Factors on the Growth of Bahia GrassC. P. Yen; 郭俊傑; C. C. Kuo; 顏正平
-The Investigation on the Root System of Deciduous Fruit Trees in the Lishan Area顏正平; Cheng-ping Yen
-PCL植生容器之設計與應用C. P. Yen; 顏正平
-The Physico-chemical Properties of Incinerator Bottom Ash and the Revegetation at Landfill Site羅煌木; Lo, Huang-Mu-
-The Preliminary Investigation on Slope-Protected Plants in the Hillside of the Central Taiwan顏正平; Cheng-Ping Yen
-A Preliminary Report on the Root System of Deciduous Fruit Trees in TaiwanCheng-ping Yen; 顏正平-
-Sprouting Experiment on Aplicable Vegetative Stakes for Slope Stabilization at Low Altitudes of TaiwanCheng-Ping Yen; 顏正平-
-A Study of Conservation Grass on the Restoration of Cd- contaminated SoilsLin, Chih-ju; 林志儒-
-Study on the influence of slopeland曾仁宏-
-A Study on the Layout of Buffer Strip顏正平; Chen-Ping Yen; 曾仁宏; Ren-Horng Tseng
-Study on the poor reclamations of bare soils in western TaiwanS. H. Lin; 林信輝; C. Y. Lin; C. P. Yen; 林昭遠; 顏正平
-台北市信義區山坡地潛在崩坍地區劃定之研究顏正平; 陳文福-
-台灣中海拔適用護坡植生木樁萌芽試驗顏正平; Cheng-Ping Yen
-台灣木本植物根系分布深度及密度形態調查顏正平; Cheng-ping Yen-
-土地利用型態對霧社水庫水質影響之研究羅清端; Luo, Qing Duan-
-坡地常綠果樹根系初步調查顏正平; Cheng-Ping Yen; 胡蘇澄; Su-Cherng Hu
-垃圾焚化爐底灰對垃圾滲出液有機物吸附特性之研究Huang-Mu Lo; 顏正平; Cheng-Ping Yen; 羅煌木