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-New Prediction Method for the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete顏聰; 潘坤勝; 陳豪吉; 湯兆緯-
-New Prediction Method for the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete (II)顏聰; 潘坤勝; 陳豪吉; 湯兆緯-
-RC梁受重覆載重後平衡鋼筋比的變化蔡文彬; CAI, WEN-BIN-
-The Recycle Method of Underground Excavation Disposal Taichung Metropolitan Area顏聰; 林炳森-
-Recycling of Reservoir Fine Sediments and Power Plant Bottom Ash陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 顏聰; 林宜清-
-Research on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete Containing Nanoscale Blast Furnace Slag (I)顏聰; 湯兆緯; 陳豪吉; 吳威德; 黃玉麟-
-Research on the Rheological Behavior, Workability and Structural Properties of TAICON (II)顏聰; 陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 林建宏-
-Seismic Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Structure (III)陳豪吉; 顏聰; 林宜清-
-Shape Study and Structural Analysis on the Electricity Transmission Tower (II)黃玉麟; 顏聰-
-Strength Development of Lightweight Concrete Affected by the Artificial Lightweight Aggregate顏聰; 陳豪吉; 莊隆昌-
-Strengthening of Prestressed Beams Using Prestressed CFRP顏聰; 林宜清; 黃玉麟-
-Strengthening of Prestressed Beams Using Prestressed GFRP (III)顏聰; 林宜清; 黃玉麟-
-Study of Interaction between Wooden and Steel Scaffolds and Collapse Warning System顏聰; 林宜清; 陳豪吉-
-Study of the Early Strength Development of High Performance Concrete顏聰-
-TAICON 之質流行為探討陳冠宏; Chen, Kuang-Hong-
-Technique of Underground Excavation (IV)顏聰; 林炳森; 黃添坤; 壽克堅; 徐松圻; 賴俊仁-
-Using Reservoir Sedimentation to Produce Light-Weight Aggregate and the Industrial Application of Light-Weight Aggregate Concrete (I)顏聰; 許協隆; 陳豪吉; 呂東苗; 林宜清; 張明添; 林建宏; 黃兆龍; 黃玉麟; 干裕成-
-中山高速公路汐止五股高架拓寬工程汐止內湖 段預力混凝土潛變及乾縮試研究顏聰-
-中強度高性能混凝土(TAICON)之力學性質研究劉銘龍; LUNG, LIU MING-
-中等強度混凝土抗壓強度之新預測法(III)顏聰; 陳豪吉; 湯兆緯; 潘坤勝-