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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Analysis of Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Non-pirated Software薛椀云; Shiue, Charlene Wan-Yun-
-Chinese Consumer Psychological Perspectives of Common Retail Formats: A Grounded Theory of Renao and Xianjing林天淳; Lin, Tien-Chun-
-Consumer Behavioral Analysis of Post-purchase Complaint and Retailer Switching for Fresh Food Products蔡佩芳; Tsai, Pei-Fang-
-Consumer Perceptions of Fruit AttributesTsai, Yi-Lun; 蔡宜倫-
-Consumer Perceptions of Online Advertising in the Stage of Information Searching Prior to Product PurchasesPann, Jia-Shiang Joseph; 潘家祥-
-Dairy Market Regulations of Major Dairy Producing Countries and Marketing Planning for the Dairy Industry in Taiwan洪麗君; Hung, Lih-June-
-An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Information Marketing魯真-
-Female Chinese consumer values towards marketing of organized religion as brand: The case of LDS & Tzu Chi程意雯; Chen, Yi-Wen-
-Fluid Milk Consumption Structure and Product Attribute PerceptionsChiang, Shin-Ying; 姜世英-
-The Influence of Brand and Advertising Cognition on Brand Switching BehaviorChang, Wei-Hsien; 張維纖-
-Influences of Body Image and Sociocultural Attitudes towards Appearance on Apparel Information Search for Generation Y Female Consumers洪彩綾; Hung, Tsai-Ling-
-Influences of Country of Origin and Consumer Ethnocentrism on Brand Preferences粘漢鵬; Nien, Han-Peng-
-Influences of Family Communication and Lifestyles on Purchasing Decisions among Young Adults in Taiwan張凱鳴; Chang, Kai Ming-
-The Influences of the Measurement and Criteria of Relibility and Validity on Strategic Marketing Analyses魯真-
-Information used in food shoppers’ vegetable purchasing decisions in Chinese societies魯真; Jane Lu Hsu; Charlene W. Shiue; Kelsey J.-R. Hung
-The Relationship among Certification Label Cognition, Health Belief, Message Credibility, and Purchase Behavior toward Health FoodsWu, Yi-Ting; 吳依亭-
-Studies on Marketing Channel, Marketing Cost and Consumers' Behavior of Major Imported Agricultural Products李皇照; 陳淑恩; 徐純慧; 陳章真; 黃韶顏; 萬鍾汶; 魯真-
-創新型消費者之數位圖書館訊息搜尋行為張嘉晏; Chang, Livia Chia-Yen-
-台灣主要水果市場之動態分析蘇志倫; Su, Jyh-Luen-