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-(2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, p517-p520)Do Index Funds Perform Acceptably? Evidence from Time Varying Risk AnalysisSheng-Hung Chen; Hui-Cheng Wang; Meng-Gu Chen; Chi-Jui Huang; Tsorng-Chyi Hwang
-(2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, p531-p534)The Impact of International Oil Prices on Consumer Prices: Evidence from a VAR ModelChi-Jui Huang; Hui-Cheng Wang; Meng-Gu Chen; Tsorng-Chyi Hwang
-The Analysis of Pork Export Competitiveness and the Hog Industry in TaiwanYeh, Hsio-Chu; 葉修竹-
-The analysis on the international competitiveness of Taiwan''s major agricultural products陳美芳; Chen, Mei Fang-
-(Aquaculture Economics & Management, 10(1):047-057)Economic Analysis of Demand for Aquaculture Products in Taiwan: An Application of the Generalized ModelJie-Min Lee; David Liao; Tsorng-Chyi Hwang-
-The Assessment of the Impacts of Taiwna's Manufactured Food Product Trade on It's INdustrialwise Domestic Market Power徐麗卿; HSU, LI-CHING-
-(BMC Public Health, 04:061)The Effect of Cigarette Price Increase on the Cigarette Consumption in Taiwan: Evidence from the National Health Interview Surveys on Cigarette ConsumptionJie-Min Lee; Tsorng-Chyi Hwang; Chun-Yuan Ye; Sheng-Hong Chen
-Co-integration Analysis of Taiwan's pork Export GrowthHsu, Chih-I; 許志毅-
-Consumption Choice, Behavior, and Competition of the Imported Beef:the Case of Supermarket PurchaseChu, Chao-Wen; 朱兆文-
-DEA方法應用在評估臺灣地區一審法院審理案件效率之研究郭恆超; Kuo, Heng-Chao-
-Economic Analysis of Possible Impacts of AI Outbreak on Poultry Industry in TaiwanTsorng-Chyi Hwang-
-The impacts of lowered protection level on Taiwan''s beef supply and demandCHEN, TAI-LANG; 陳太郎-
-The Impacts of Lowering Dairy Product Import Tariffs the Milk Industry in Taiwan郭添保; Kuo, Tien-Pao-
-The Internal Structure and Development of Aquaculture in Taiwan羅明哲; 黃琮琪
-Modeling and Forecasting the TourismTsorng-Chyi Hwang-
-A Preliminary Study of Soil and Water Conservation View With Organic Farm林進財; Lin, Chin-Tsai-
-(Proceedings of Third 2008 International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology, p1188-p1193)Tourism Demand and Exchange Rates in Asian Countries: New Evidence from Copulas ApproachHui-Cheng Wang; Nai-Hua Chen; Ching-Lung Lu; Tsorng-Chyi Hwang; Shuo-Wen Tseng
-(Proceedings of Third 2008 International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology, p1233-p1238)Residential Electricity Consumption and Housing Development in TaiwanKang-Ting Tsai; Tsorng-Chyi Hwang; Shuo-Wen Tseng; Meng-Gu Chen