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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Safety Assessment of Rural Settlement-A Case Study of Aboriginal Tribes in Taichung Heping District林朝陽; Chao-Yang Lin
-Studies on the Shelter Effects of Non-Penetrable Windbreak StructuresHuang, Long-Ming; 黃隆明-
-Study on Administration and Maintenance System for Rural Rejuvenation Constructions Facilities林芸暄; Yun-Shen Lin
-Study on Characteristics of Sand Fixation in Coastal Areas - A Case Study of Yunlin Mailiao秦宇正; Yu-Jeng Chin
-Study on the Aeolian Sand Control Effect of Sand Moisture蔡易衡; Yi-Heng Tsai
-Study on the Aeolian Sand Restrain Efficiency of Soil Water Holding SubstanceLong-Ming Huang; Lu-Di Huang; 黃隆明; 黃律迪
-Study on the Effect of Continuous Sand-fixed Hedge周廷韋; Ting-Wei Chou
-Study on the Effect of Wind Reduction by the Successive Windbreak Fence張書豪; HAO, CHANG SHU-
-Study on the Effect of Wind Reduction by the Windbreak Net with Different Densities黃隆明; Long-Ming Huang; 江永哲; Yung-Cheh Chiang
-Study on the Influence of Microclimate by the Canopy Gap at Coastal Windbreak of Taichung HarborLiu, Chi-En; 劉奇恩-
-Study on the Influence of the Seaside Environment by the plants of sand stabilization黃隆明; Huang Lomg-Ming; 邱創益; Chiu Chuang-Yi
-A Study on the relation between sand movement and moisture content黃隆明; 蔡易衡; Long-Ming Huang; Yi-Heng Tsai
-Study on the Shelter Effects of Two-Section Windbreak Fences歐陽志岳; Chih-Yueh, Ou-Yang-
-Study^^on the effect of wind reduction by the windbreak net typesHUANG, LONG-MING; 黃隆明-
-The+Wind+Tunnel+Experiment+of+Aeolian+Sand+Movement+MechanismHuang, Long-Ming; 黃隆明; Lu, Lee-Wei; Chen, Tsai-Huei; 盧力瑋; 陳財輝
-The Variation and Effectiveness of Protection Forests in Hualien Coastal Areas盧力瑋; Wei, Lu Li-
-Wind Tunnel Simulation of Using Incineration Bottom Ash Solidification on Coastal Sand Fixation陳為溪; Chen, Wei-Hsi-
-Wind+Tunnel+Test+on+the+Shelter+Effect+of+Windbreak+Nets+with+Different+Weaving+TypesHuang, Long-Ming; 黃隆明; Li, Ji-Siou; Liu, Min-Wei; Chen, Tsai-Huei; 李霽修; 劉民偉; 陳財輝
-三維雙方柱剛性氣彈模型實驗研究許睿顥; Hsu, Rui-Hao-
-不同海岸防風林型態與風速之關係試驗Yung-Cheh Chiang; 黃隆明; Fan-Chieh Yu; Long-Ming Huang; 江永哲; 游繁結-