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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Cancer Biol. Ther.,07(5):777-782)Nuclear Krüppel-like factor 4 expression is associated with human skin squamous cell carcinoma progression and metastasisY. J. Chen; C. Y. Wu; C. C. Chang; C. J. Ma; M. C. Li; C. M. Chen-
-(Computer Standards and Interfaces,25(2):131-139)Security Enhancement for the Anonymous Secure E-Voting over a NetworkI. C. Lin; M. S. Hwang; C. C. Chang
-(Computer Standards and Interfaces,25(5):501-513)The strategy of reducing the location update traffic using forwarding pointers in virtual layer architectureC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin
-(Computer Standards and Interfaces,27(4):407-413)A Novel ID-based Multisignature Scheme without Reblocking and Predetermined Signing OrderC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin; K. Y. Lam-
-(Computer Vision and Image Understanding,107(3):183-194)A New Steganographic Method for Color and Grayscale Image HidingY. H. Yu; C. C. Chang; I. C. Lin
-(Computing and Informatics,24(5):529-541)A (t,n) Threshold Secret Sharing System with Efficient Identification of CheatersI. C. Lin; C. C. Chang-
-(Designs, Codes, and Cryptography,36(1):053-067)The General Pay-Word:A Micro-payment Scheme Based on n-dimension One-way Hash ChainI. C. Lin; M. S. Hwang; C. C. Chang
-(Eurasip Journal on Applied Signal Processing, 2004(13):1965-1972)A New Repeating Color Watermarking Scheme Based on Human Visual ModelC. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang
-(Fundamenta Informaticae, 58(2):167-178)An Improvement to Image Segment Based on Human Visual System for Object-Based CodingC. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang-
-(Fundamenta Informaticae, 58(2):179-188)A DWT-based Deblocking Technique Based on Edge Detection and Zero Masking for Reducing Blocking EffectC. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang-
-(Future Generation Computer Systems,19(4):457-462)A New Key Assignment Scheme for Enforcing Complicated Access Control Policies in HierarchyI. C. Lin; M. S. Hwang; C. C. Chang
-(Gene)Cloning, cDNA sequence, and alternative splicing of goat amelogenin mRNAsC. M. Chen; W. T. K. Cheng; C. C. Chang; Y. N. Jiang; J. T. Hsu; T. J. Chang-
-(IEE Proceedings-Vision,Image and Signal Processing,152(5):513-519)A Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization without Extra Look-up Table Using Declustered Sub-codebooksC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-
-(Imaging Science Journal,52(4):212-224)A Lossless Compression-based Progressive Image Transmission SchemeK. L. Huang; C. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-
-The Impact of Climate Change on Gastrointestinal Diseases in TaiwanC. C. Chang; Y. C. Wang; J. L. Wu ; C. M. Liu; F. C. Sung; Y. L. Huang; W. Y. Lin; C. Y. Chuang-
-(Informatica, 28:181-188)A Pattern Mapping Based Digital Image WatermarkingC. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang-
-(Informatica,16(1):037-044)Cryptanalysis of the Modified Remote Login Authentication Scheme Based on a Geometric ApproachC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin
-(Information Science,177(19):4031-4039)Security Enhancement for Digital Signature Schemes with Fault Tolerance in RSAI. C. Lin; C. C. Chang
-(Information Science,179(9):1269-1277)A Countable and Time-Bound Password-Based User Authentication Scheme for the Applications of Electronic CommerceI. C. Lin; C. C. Chang
-(International Conference on Chinese Computing:p223-p233)A Progressive Chinese Calligraphy Transmission TechniqueC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-