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-(Gene)Cloning, cDNA sequence, and alternative splicing of goat amelogenin mRNAsC. M. Chen; W. T. K. Cheng; C. C. Chang; Y. N. Jiang; J. T. Hsu; T. J. Chang-
-(IEE Proceedings-Vision,Image and Signal Processing,152(5):513-519)A Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization without Extra Look-up Table Using Declustered Sub-codebooksC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-
-(Imaging Science Journal,52(4):212-224)A Lossless Compression-based Progressive Image Transmission SchemeK. L. Huang; C. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-
-The Impact of Climate Change on Gastrointestinal Diseases in TaiwanC. C. Chang; Y. C. Wang; J. L. Wu ; C. M. Liu; F. C. Sung; Y. L. Huang; W. Y. Lin; C. Y. Chuang-
-(Informatica, 28:181-188)A Pattern Mapping Based Digital Image WatermarkingC. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang-
-(Informatica,16(1):037-044)Cryptanalysis of the Modified Remote Login Authentication Scheme Based on a Geometric ApproachC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin
-(Information Science,177(19):4031-4039)Security Enhancement for Digital Signature Schemes with Fault Tolerance in RSAI. C. Lin; C. C. Chang
-(Information Science,179(9):1269-1277)A Countable and Time-Bound Password-Based User Authentication Scheme for the Applications of Electronic CommerceI. C. Lin; C. C. Chang
-(International Conference on Chinese Computing:p223-p233)A Progressive Chinese Calligraphy Transmission TechniqueC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-
-(International Conference on Communication Technology:p196-p202)Threshold Image Hiding Scheme for Sharing a Secret Color ImageC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin-
-(International Journal of Communication Systems,22:053-066)A Novel Key Management Scheme for Dynamic Multicast CommunicationsC. C. Chang; Y. F. Cheng; I. C. Lin
-(International Journal of Computational and Numerical Analysis and Applications,03(1):001-007)Security enhancement for a modified authenticated key agreement protocolC. C. Chang; K. F. Hwang; I. C. Lin-
-(International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security,06(1):273-279)Secure E-coupon System for Mobile UsersC. C. Chang; C. C. Wu; I. C. Lin
-(International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking (IJHPCN),03(5,6):378-384)A Dynamic Mechanism for Determining Relationships in a Partially Ordered User HierarchyC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin; H. M. Tsai
-(International Journal of Network Security,02(2):150-159)An Access Control System with Time- constraint Using Support Vector MachinesC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin; C. T. Liao
-(Journal of Computer Science and Technology,23(2):253-264)New Sealed-Bid Electronic Auction with Fairness,Security and EfficiencyC. C. Wu; C. C. Chang; I. C. Lin
-(Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 8(4):617-626)H∞ drift control of time-delayed seismic structuresC. C. Chang; C. C. Lin
-(Journal of Systems and Software, 64(2):163-170)Sharing Multiple Secrets in Digital ImagesC. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang; T. S. Chen-
-(Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, 30(6):951-960)Time delay H∞ control of structures under earthquake loadingC. C. Lin; J. Y. Wei; C. C. Chang-
-(Lecture Notes in Computer Science,2229:042-046)Cryptanalysis of the improved user efficient blind signaturesC. C. Chang; I. C. Lin